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GN ReSound is a world leading manufacturer of hearing aids. A Danish / American company with a UK base near Oxford, where all their custom products are made using the latest 3-D modelling and laser crafting techniques for maximum precision.

GN ReSound certainly offer innovation and were the first company to offer true open-fit hearing aid solutions for maximum comfort and performance for high frequency hearing loss sufferers.

More recently in the digital world GN Resound have introduced:

  • ReSound LINX - the world's first 'made for iPHONE' Hearing Aid!
  • Invisible Hearing Aids - ReSound Verso IIC (invisible-in-canal) hearing aids for maximum discretion.
  • Surround sound binaural processing technology
  • Bluetooth / wireless streaming technology
  • Remote microphone hearing aids for maximum wind noise reduction - 'ReSound Lex' (image)
  • Tinnitus Masking Hearing Aids - ReSound Alera TS (image)
  • Nano-coating technology - all internal and external components - see video below

  • ReSound Hearing Aid Prices

    Resound LiNX is here!

    'Made for iPhone' hearing aids

    GN ReSound have taken a massive step forward with digital hearing aid technology with the new ReSound LiNX. By connecting to your iPhone / iPad / iPod you can now take full control of your hearing aids.

  • Remote control
  • Streaming phonecalls
  • Remote microphone
  • Streaming voice apps - sat nav, skype etc
  • Locate your hearing aids using the in-built GPS
  • Geotag your favourite listening programmes

  • Click here for more information

    GN ReSound: The complete portfolio of Hearing Aids

    Recently Superseded ReSound Hearing Aids
    Alera / Essence / Dot / Azure / Xplore

    GN ReSound have launched themselves to the top of the mast in the hearing aid world with the launch of the world's first 'made for iPhone' hearing aid with the ReSound LiNX. The ReSound LiNX is a premium level digital hearing aid combined with seamless connection to iPhones, iPads and Ipods. Click here for full details of the Resound LiNX and the benefits it can offer you.

    Alongside the ReSound LiNX is the high performing and successful ReSound VERSO which is the first hearing aid by ReSound to offer binaural processing for surround sound. This technology allows wireless communication between the left and right hearing aids to optimise directional focusing for speech in noise. The ReSound VERSO has replaced the ReSound ALERA.

    The Current Range:

    Styles >>> 'made for iPhone' ITE / BTE / RIC Remote Microphone
    Top Range LiNX 9 Verso 9 Lex 8
    Upper Mid-Range LiNX 7 Verso 7 (image)
    Lower Mid-Range   Verso 5 Lex 4
    Lower Level   Alera 4  
    Budget Level   Vea 1, 2 & 3  

    ReSound Hearing Aid Prices

    GN ReSound: Hearing Aid Styles:

    Click here for clarification of all hearing aid styles.

    ReSound verso

    ReSound hearing aid styles available as above, in order from the left include:

  • IIC / CIC / CIC - pushbutton / ITC / half ITE / full ITE / 3 x remote mic's / 60 / 61 / 62 / 67 / 77 / 78

  • INVISIBLE HEARING AIDS (IIC) - Most manufacturers are now using new 'nano' technology to make hearing aids smaller and smaller. GN ReSound have introduced the ReSound VERSO IIC to compete with the best of the rest. For more information please read our page on invisible hearing aids.

    RECEIVER-IN-CANAL (RIC) - GN ReSound RIC's are subdivided into three groups; 60, 61 and 62. The 60 RIC's are the smallest behind ear hearing aids that GN ReSound offer and they are NOT wireless compatible , have no push button, volume control or remote control option. The slightly larger 61 RIC's have a push button and are wireless / remote control compatible. And the 62's are bigger still and have an onboard volume and programme control with wireless compatibility. So maximum discretion with the 60, and maximum performance and versatility with the 61 and 62. Note the Alera 4 is NOT wireless compatible.

    ReSound LiNX is available in one style and a variety of colours as shown below:

    resound linx colours

    REMOTE MICROPHONE hearing aids - This style of hearing aid, which is unique to GN ReSound, offers a solution for those who experience problems with wind noise and/or localisation of sounds.

    Remote microphone hearing aids can be custom made for maximum power (as shown in the styles image above) or they can be modular for instant fit as shown below. The modular model is now branded the 'ReSound LEX' and is proving to be very comfortable and well received.

    With both options the bulk of the unit sits in the ear canal and is linked to the microphone (via a thin wire / tube) in the recess in the upper part of the outer ear. In a series of laboratory tests this has proven to aid both wind noise reduction and localisation.

    resound lexresound lex

    Remote Microphone hearing aids - ReSound LEX shown

    ReSound Hearing Aid Prices

    GN ReSound: Specific Hearing Aids:

    ReSound LiNX - made for iPhone hearing aids - Please click here to read all about the new ReSound LiNX and how it can benefit you.

    ReSound VERSO: The VERSO is ReSound's latest development on digital surround sound processing and includes all features of the Alera with the addition of BINAURAL FUSION technology. Binaural Fusion incorporates two new features which are now possible from the new faster RANGE II chipset which allows processing of information between the left and right hearing aids. Binaural Fusion includes binaural directional surround sound processing, for true localising and speech focus, and binaural synchronisation whereby the volume and programme button on one side changes both hearing aid settings, thus simplifying user control. Also new with VERSO is improved feedback suppression with a music mode giving improved feedback suppression alongside distortion free music reproduction. ReSound VERSO also includes an invisible-in-canal style option.

    ReSound LEX: The LEX is as explained above. The ReSound LEX will not suit everyone but overcomes specific issues and is available at technology 2 levels (LEX4 and LEX8). It could be the one that helps you hear better with more comfort - call 0800 077 8248 for a free demonstration.

    resound lex

    ReSound LEX remote microphone

    ReSound VEA - The ReSound VEA is the new entry level digital hearing aid and is available at three sub-levels (although to be honest we feel this is a bit unnecessary). The new VEA uses the same 'RANGE' chipset as the ALERA range and includes lower level digital noise reduction features for less demanding lifestyle needs, or lower budget range. The VEA is available in all traditional hearing aid styles (i.e excluding remote microphone and receiver-in-canal).

    ReSound SPARX - A super-power digital hearing aid offering almost 90dB of useable amplification for clients with profound hearing loss seeking maximum audibility. ReSound SPARX is only available at one technology level - a 9 channel digital hearing aid with high processing power.

    ReSound TS (tinnitus suppressor) hearing aids - Available in the ReSound Verso (and preceding Alera), the ReSound Verso TS is a combination hearing aid / tinnitus masker. ReSound Verso TS has a couple of advantages over other tinnitus masking hearing aids. For detailed information on this please read our webpage on tinnitus.

    ReSound Hearing Aid Prices

    GN ReSound - Hearing Aid Accessories

    Remote Controls and 'UNITE' Wireless Connectivity

    Please click here for information and prices on the latest GN ReSound hearing aid accessories.

    resound unite

    GN ReSound Accessory Prices

    Click here for the official GN ReSound website

    Or call 0800 077 8248 / 07957 465 084 for a trial on any GN ReSound hearing aid

    Invisible Hearing Aids

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