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GN ReSound is a world leading manufacturer of hearing aids. A Danish / American company with a UK base near Oxford, where all their custom products are made using the latest 3-D modelling and laser crafting techniques for maximum precision.

GN ReSound certainly offer innovation and were the first company to offer true open-fit hearing aid solutions for maximum comfort and performance for high frequency hearing loss sufferers.

More recently in the digital world GN Resound have introduced:

  • ReSound LINX - the world's first 'made for iPHONE' Hearing Aid!
  • Invisible Hearing Aids - ReSound Verso IIC (invisible-in-canal) hearing aids for maximum discretion.
  • Surround sound binaural processing technology
  • Bluetooth / wireless streaming technology
  • Tinnitus Masking Hearing Aids - ReSound Verso TS (image)
  • Nano-coating technology - all internal and external components - see video below

  • ReSound Hearing Aid Prices

    'Made for iPhone' hearing aids

    Resound LiNX / ENZO / ENYA

    GN ReSound have taken a massive step forward with digital hearing aid technology with the new ReSound LiNX & ENZO. By connecting to your iPhone / iPad / iPod you can now take full control of your hearing aids.

  • Remote control
  • Streaming phonecalls
  • Remote microphone
  • Streaming voice apps - sat nav, skype etc
  • Locate your hearing aids using the in-built GPS
  • Geotag your favourite listening programmes

  • Click here for more information

    GN ReSound: The complete portfolio of Hearing Aids

    The Current Range:

    Note: 'made for iPhone' hearing aids are only available as:

  • Receiver-in-canal / RIC - LiNX2 and ENYA
  • In-ear / ITE - LiNX2
  • Slim behind-ear - LiNX2 and ENYA
  • Power behind-ear - ENZO

  • Styles >>> RIC / BTE ITE
    Top Range LiNX2 / ENZO 9 LiNX2 9
    Upper Mid-Range LiNX2 / ENZO 7 LiNX2 7
    Lower Mid-Range LiNX2 / ENZO 5 LiNX2 5
    Budget Level ENYA 2 / 3 / 4 ENYA 2 / 3 / 4

    ReSound Hearing Aid Prices

    GN ReSound: Hearing Aid Models:

    Resound LiNX - A high performing hearing aid which is also 'made for iPhone'; for seamless wireless connection to Apple products. Now available in ITE / RIC and BTE models - colours as below. More Info.

    resound linx colours

    ReSound ENZO - High performance and super power. The smallest behind-the-ear power hearing aid with a longer lasting 675 battery. Also with the added bonus of being 'made for iPhone' for seamless connection to Apple products. Image / Colours. More Info.

    ReSound ENYA - An entry level selection of hearing aids that offers a more limited 'made for iPhone' set up. Can also be connected to Android phones for remote control use (not wireless streaming). More Info.

    GN ReSound: Hearing Aid Styles:

    GN ReSound hearing aids

    All Hearing Aid Styles

    ITE's (custom made in-ear hearing aids) - We recommend the high performing ReSound Linx2. This products includes all the main high end features one would expect nowadays for maximum speech discrimination. More Info.

    IIC (invisible hearing aids) - One of the smallest around; the ReSound LiNX2. For more information please read our page on invisible hearing aids.

    RIC & BTE (behind-ear hearing aids) - We would now recommend the LiNX 5, 7 or 9 or for tighter budgets the ENYA 2 / 3 or 4. More Info.

    ReSound Hearing Aid Prices

    GN ReSound: Other Hearing Aids:

    ReSound TS (tinnitus suppressor) hearing aids - Available in the ReSound Verso (and the older Alera), the ReSound Verso TS is a combination hearing aid / tinnitus masker. ReSound Verso TS has a couple of advantages over other tinnitus masking hearing aids. For detailed information on this please read our webpage on tinnitus.

    GN ReSound - Hearing Aid Accessories

    Remote Controls and 'UNITE' Wireless Connectivity

    Please click here for information and prices on the latest GN ReSound hearing aid accessories.

    resound unite

    Click here for the official GN ReSound website

    Author - Crystal Hearing Ltd

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