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Important note: You may be confused by the naming convention of Oticon hearing aids. This is likely due to the renaming policy of one of the large national retailers. This makes it more difficult for you to compare models like-for-like. However we have listed the alternate names alongside the genuine names as given by Oticon and as shown on the official Oticon website. If you have been quoted for any hearing aids named similar to 'H150' or 'K140' etc then please call us or check our pricelist here.

Oticon is a world leading manufacturer of hearing aids from Denmark, with a UK base in Hamilton, Scotland, where all their custom made products are made; they are in our opinion one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers due to the crisp clear sound that is often commented upon.

Oticon launched their new ultra fast micro-chipset called INIUM in 2013 and this is now incorporated in Alta, Nera and Ria hearing aids which allows Oticon to make full use of the their new advanced features giving exceptional results for speech in noise and reduced feedback problems.

The Oticon Alta Pro and the Oticon Intiga are amongst the most advanced digital hearing aids currently available with stylistic design and wireless connectivity , we can now fit these new mini-BTE hearing aids to most hearing losses. We can also supply custom in-the-ear models for those who prefer not to wear behind-the-ear hearing aids, including the new Oticon Intiga IIC invisible-in-canal hearing aids.

Oticon Hearing Aid Prices

Oticon Intiga Colours

Oticon Mini-BTE hearing aids

Oticon: Current Hearing Aids

Recently superseded Oticon Hearing Aids
Agil / Acto / Ino / Epoq / Dual

The Oticon hearing aid portfolio is split into 3 design principals - Performance, Style and Power.

  • Performance: Focusing on getting maximum technology into the hearing aid for best possible performance for mild to severe losses. Available in all typical hearing aid styles such as ITE, BTE and RITE & Mini-RITE (see image above). Maximum user control is available in terms of volume and programme adjustments and also wireless compatibility (see 'Connectline' below). Currently available as Oticon Alta, Nera and Ino. 'PRO' versions are available and we would always recommend the PRO version for those who need two hearing aids.

  • Design: For those who want small, stylish and even invisible hearing aid solutions. Available in 2 hearing aid styles and model names; the Oticon Intiga (mini-RITE) and the Oticon Intiga i (invisible-in-canal) - see image below. The Oticon Intiga RIC has no onboard controls but can be used with the Oticon 'connectline' wireless accessories. The Oticon Intiga i IIC in-ear hearing aids use micro sized components to make them as small as possible and cannot therefore be used with the Connectline accessories, or indeed have any user controls..

  • Power: For severe to profound hearing loss we recommend the Oticon Chili - high performance results giving power without distortion. A slim-line super-power BTE using a size 13 battery with full wireless compatibility. (Image)

  • Styles >>> Performance Style Power
    Top Range Alta Pro / Alta Intiga 10 / Intiga i 10 Chili SP9
    Mid-Range Nera Pro / Nera Intiga 8 / Intiga i 8 Chili SP7
    Entry Level Ria Pro / Ria Intiga 6 / Intiga i 6 Chili SP5

    Oticon Hearing Aid Prices

    Oticon IntigaOticon Intiga hearing aids

    Oticon Intiga mini-RITE & Intiga i IIC

    Microchip Platforms - Oticon currently supply hearing aids using two different microchip platforms.

    INIUM - Alta, Nera and Ria

    RISE - Intiga and Chili

    Key Features

    Here are a few of the key features of Oticon's hearing aids.

  • Speech Guard E - A very advanced algorithm that preserves clarity speech without distortion which can be a result of the compression of loud sounds (for automatic volume control) and / or noise reduction technology.
  • Spatial Sound Advanced - True binaural processing allows for spatial sound cues to be preserved. In short, this means the wearer can localise where sounds are from better than in hearing aids which do not communicate between left and right ears. This is key for following group conversations. Spatial sound processing also allows the hearing aids to focus on the side where the speech signal is dominant, as reduces the noise from the other ear.
  • Free Focus Premium - Improved directional microphone technology that allows varying degree of front focus depending on the level of surrounding noise.

  • CLICK HERE FOR: OTICON - product features chart

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    Oticon Hearing Aid Prices

    Hearing Aid Accessories by Oticon:

    Remote controls and 'Connect-line' wireless connectivity

    Please click here for information and prices on the latest Oticon hearing aid accessories.

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