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Phonak is a world leading manufacturer of hearing aids and in our opinion one of the very best. A Swiss company with local UK base in Warrington where all their custom products are made using the latest 3-dimensional design and laser moulding technology.

The current Phonak hearing aid portfolio is built on the ultra-fast and incredibly powerful SPICE microchip and the Platform brand name of QUEST, denoted by Q preceding a number.

The latest Phonak hearing aids are all detailed below (scroll down) and all now include wireless connectivity .

Invisible Hearing Aids

INVISIBLE HEARING AIDS: Phonak now offer the excellent 'Phonak VIRTO NANO' invisible-in-canal / IIC hearing aids. The Phonak Virto Nano hearing aids can be truly invisible and are giving excellent results as they are sat deep in the ear canal and therefore make better use of the natural acoustic funnelling shape of the human ear to enhance the most important speech sounds responsible for clarity. Client satisfaction is proving extremely successful.

Recently superseded Phonak Hearing Aids
Products labelled 'S' - H20 - Ambra - Solana - Cassia - Milo - Exelia - Versata - Certena

Phonak Hearing Aids - The Portfolio

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The latest phonak hearing aid portfolio comprises several different hearing aid styles spread over 4 platform levels.

Platform levels:

The latest Phonak microchip platform is called 'SPICE' and all current models run on this platform now. Most of the Phonak SPICE hearing aids are compatible with their wireless accessories listed below (excluding CIC's and Audeo Mini). All the latest hearing aids except the DALIA are notated with a Q, and all S products are now superseded.

Phonak Hearing Aid Styles:

All hearing aid styles are explained here

  • Traditional behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids - the PHONAK BOLERO, and the entry level Phonak Dalia.
  • Custom made in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids - the PHONAK VIRTO, and the entry level Dalia.
  • Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aids are called 'PHONAK AUDEO' and are available at 4 technology levels and in 3 sub-styles (the 10 (formerly the Mini), the 312 (formerly the Smart) and the 312T (as per the 312 but with telecoil option).
  • Super-Power BTE's are known as 'PHONAK NAIDA' (image) and are for severe to profound hearing losses. Note: Phonak also now produce a Naida CRT receiver-in-canal (image) hearing aid style for maximum power in a smaller casing.
  • And finally Phonak offer a new range of wireless CROS and BiCROS hearing aids for single sided deafness.

  • Styles >>> ITE / BTE Super Power BTE RIC
    Top Range Bolero / Virto Q90 Naida Q90 Audeo Q90
    Upper Mid-Range Bolero / Virto Q70 Naida Q70 Audeo Q70
    Lower Mid-Range Bolero / Virto Q50 Naida Q50 Audeo Q50
    Entry Level Bolero / Virto Q30 Naida Q30 Audeo Q30

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    The Phonak QUEST Range:

    Bolero Q90 / Virto Q90 / Audeo Q90 / Naida Q90 - The high-end platform of hearing aids by Phonak. Key developments have focused on improving speech in noise and include the features Auto-zoom, Auto-Stereo-zoom, Ultra-Zoom and Flex-Control. These features expand on the capability of being able to wirelessly link left and right hearing aids and their dual microphones to give surround sound with multi-point and directional focusing. Definitely try these if you are active and struggle in noise. List of features.

    Bolero Q70 / Virto Q70 / Audeo Q70 / Naida Q70 - A truly exceptional mid-range portfolio. No other hearing aid manufacturer has 16 frequency channels in their mid-range selection. Incorporating many high end features of last year including echo block, sound smoothing, real ear sound and Bluetooth compatibility, the new upper-mid platform is last years top-end. List of features.

    Bolero Q50 / Virto Q50 / Audeo Q50 / Naida Q50 - These hearing aids are equivalent to top-end digital hearing aids of 5 years ago which many national chains would supply at £6000k per pair. Amazing technology included in a low priced hearing aid. Multi-channel, automatic volume control with automatic adaptive directional microphones and feedback management. Perfect for easier lifestyles. List of features.

    Bolero Q30 / Virto Q30 / Audeo Q30 / Naida Q30 - The entry level range by Phonak offers most styles, excluding the Nano, and offers excellent automatic hearing aid functionality with top level feedback suppression. For less demanding requirements but with excellent performance. List of features.

    Phonak Nano

    Phonak Virto Nano invisible hearing aids

    Phonak Audeo Q-312 (formerly the Audeo Smart, and 312 denotes the size of the battery) - An upgrade to the massively popular Audeo YES, and is one of the smallest Bluetooth compatible RIC hearing aids in the world. Available in a multitude of colour options as shown above the Phonak Audeo Smart is available across all four technology levels (30, 50, 70 and 90). This sleek and lightweight hearing aid incorporates a push button which can act as a volume control or a programme switch and includes all the technology of the other ranges listed above. The Audeo Q Smart 312T also has a telecoil feature. List of features.

    Phonak Audeo Q-10 (formerly the Audeo Mini, and 10 denotes the size of the battery) - The world's smallest RIC hearing aids (alongside the Widex Passion and new Siemens Ace Micon) are available across all four technology levels but comes without push button, wireless streaming or remote control options. The automatic features take full control of how the Audeo Mini operates. List of features.

    Phonak Audeo Q

    Phonak Audeo Q10 / Q312 / Q312T

    Phonak Hearing Aid Prices

    Specific Phonak Hearing Aids

    Phonak Virto Nano - Invisible Hearing Aids (image) / (image 2) - The Phonak Nano is a new ultra small invisible-in-canal hearing aid; possibly the smallest in-ear hearing aid ever made. Most suppliers are now offering IIC's, but the Phonak Nano is one of our preferred hearing aids. Now available as Virto Q90, Q70 and Q50 the Nano can be controlled with a new Mini-remote-control. List of features.

    Compare all IIC invisible hearing aids.

    Phonak Bolero Q-13 - Waterproof hearing aids (formely H20, and 13 denotes the size of the battery) (image) - The Phonak H20 is waterproof to 1m depth and gives great protection for golfers, walkers, sailors etc. The Bolero Q-13 is available as Bolero Q90, Q70 and Q50. List of features.

    Phonak CROS and BiCROS - Single-sided-deafness - These are designed for people who have one dead ear and a good ear (CROS), or a better ear with an treatable hearing loss (BiCROS). Click this link for more information on single sided deafness for suitable hearing aid solutions.

    Phonak Hearing Aid Prices

    Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories

    Phonak ComPilot (image) - A dual purpose remote control and wireless connection accessory, linking you to your mobile phone and / or television (via the TV Link), giving a crisp audible signal direct into both ears. The ComPilot is worn around the neck as the neckloop transmits the wireless signal to the hearing aids.

    Phonak iCom (image) - the iCom is a wireless streaming accessory but it has effectively been replaced by the ComPilot as it is more functional and has a longer lasting battery life.

    Phonak TV-Link (see image 1 below) - The TV Link works in unison with the ComPilot and iCom and works by sending the TV audio signal direct into the ears via radio waves, rather than across the room via sound waves. This allows us to get a richer sound into both hearing aids and thus aiding clarity of the TV signal.

    Phonak Mini Microphone (see image 2 below) - The mini-microphone is a device designed to help overcome speech in noise problems. The clip-on microphone is worn by a third party, and this connects to the hearing aid user's hearing aids via the ComPilot using wireless streaming technology.

    Phonak MyPilot Remote Contol (image) - A colour screen remote control giving a much clearer representation of user settings and easier control by allowing quick toggle through programme and volume settings. The Phonak MyPilot allows you to control your left and right hearing aids independently.

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    Phonak ComPilot Phonak Mini Microphone Phonak Mini Remote Control Phonak MyPilot

    1. Phonak ComPilot & TV-Link / 2. Lapel Microphone / 3. Mini Remote Control / 4. MyPilot

    Phonak Accessory Prices

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