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Phonak is a world leading manufacturer of hearing aids and in our opinion one of the very best. A Swiss company with local UK base in Warrington where all their custom products are made using the latest 3-dimensional design and laser moulding technology.

The current Phonak hearing aid portfolio is split between two chipset platforms:

  • Venture - the latest chipset available as receiver-in-canal AUDEO V hearing aids.
  • Quest - custom in-ear hearing aids and regular behind-ear hearing aids.

  • The latest Phonak hearing aids are all detailed below (scroll down) and all now include wireless connectivity .

    Phonak Hearing Aid Prices

    Phonak Smartphone App for remote control

    Control your hearing aids from your iPhone (iOS7 or later) or Android (4.0 or later) mobile phones.

    Easy visual touch screen control of your volume and progamme settings.

    The smart phone app must be used with a ComPilot accessory.

    Free to download from iTunes and Google Play.

    Phonak Hearing Aids - The Current Portfolio


    Recently SUPERSEDED Phonak Hearing Aids
    Audeo Q range - All Spice - H20 - Ambra - Solana - Cassia - Exelia - Versata - Certena

    The latest Phonak hearing aids are available in all hearing aid styles over 4 technology levels and on two chipset platforms (Venture and Quest - V denotes VENTURE and Q denotes QUEST).

    Phonak Hearing Aid Styles:

    All hearing aid styles are explained here

    ITE BTE Super Power Receiver-in-canal
    Top Range Virto Q90 Bolero Q90 Naida Q90 Audeo V90
    Upper Mid-Range Virto Q70 Bolero Q70 Naida Q70 Audeo V70
    Lower Mid-Range Virto Q50 Bolero Q50 Naida Q50 Audeo V50
    Entry Level Virto Q30 Bolero Q30 Naida Q30 Audeo V30

    CROS and BiCROS hearing aids for single sided deafness.

    Phonak Hearing Aid Prices

    phonak audeo v

    Phonak Audeo V - Venture

    The latest hearing aid from Phonak built on the VENTURE platform

    Information and features / Prices.

    phonak nano

    Phonak Virto Nano - Invisible Hearing Aids

    The Phonak Nano is an ultra small invisible-in-canal hearing aid, available as Virto Q90, Q70 and Q50 and can be controlled with a mini-remote-control. List of features / Prices. Compare against other IIC hearing aids.

    phonak bolero

    Phonak Bolero Q

    The Phonak Bolero offers a selection of varying power behind-ear hearing aids, available as Bolero Q90, Q70, Q50 and Q30. Phonak Bolero are highly water resitant and stylishly designed in a variety of colours.

    List of features / Prices.

    phonak virto

    Phonak Virto Q

    The Phonak Virto offers a selection of varying power in-ear custom made digital hearing aids, available as Virto Q90, Q70, Q50 and Q30. Features / Prices.

    phonak naida

    Phonak Naida Q

    The Phonak Naida offers an ultra powerful behind-ear hearing aid option for those who suffer with profound hearing loss. Available as Naida Q90, Q70, Q50 and Q30.

    List of features / Prices.

    phonak cros hearing aids

    Phonak CROS and BiCROS

    For those with a dead ear on one side

    More information on single sided deafness & CROS / BiCROS. / Prices.

    phonak tinnitus hearing aids

    Phonak's tinnitus suppressing hearing aids

    Digital hearing aids with tinnitus suppressing technology

    More information

    Phonak Hearing Aid Prices

    Phonak - Hearing Aid Accessories

    Remote Controls and Wireless Connectivity

    Please click here for information and prices on the latest Phonak hearing aid accessories.

    Phonak ComPilot Phonak Mini Microphone Phonak Mini Remote Control

    Click here for the official PHONAK website

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