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Starkey were founded in 1967 by William Austin and have become a world leading supplier of hearing aids, and is now the largest supplier of hearing aids in the US market. Starkey have a UK base in Hazel Grove, Manchester, where all there custom products are made and serviced.

INNOVATION - Key hearing aid features recently developed include Starkey Spectral IQ, Starkey Voice IQ and Starkey's Binaural Spatial Mapping (features explained) onboard a new super-fast microchip processing platform to give maximum hearing potential in noisy environments. The launch of the Wi-Series (and now the 3-Series) wireless compatible digital hearing aids introduced with it onto the market the first completely automatic TV / Audio streaming device via the Surflink Media Streamer (image).

Invisible Hearing Aids

Other Innovations include: the world's first invisible-in-canal / IIC digital hearing aid (the Starkey Soundlens), highly water-resistant coatings, iphone remote control app (see below), and probably the best feedback eliminator on the market (for unwanted whistling).

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Recently Superseded Starkey Hearing Aids
Ignite / Wi-Series / X-Series / S-Series / Zon / Destiny

starkey hearing aid Superb Water Resistance All Starkey RIC's incorporate nano-coated technology to give the best moisture protection in the industry. Great for golfers and for boaters etc.
starkey iphone control iPhone remote control app - a fantastic phone app that allows you to control your hearing aids settings. Download the app called 'Starkey T2 remote'.

Starkey Hearing Aids - the current portfolio


Starkey's current portfolio of hearing aids is as follows:

  Wireless Non-Wireless IIC
Top Range 3-Series / Xino 110 X-Series 110 Soundlens X11
Upper Mid-Range 3-Series / Xino 90 X-Series 90 Soundlens X90
Lower Mid-Range 3-Series / Xino 70 X-Series 70 Soundlens X70
Entry Level 3-Series /Xino 30 & 20 Ignite 30 / 20 N/A

  • Starkey 3-Series - The latest full range of wireless compatible hearing aids available in all styles including ITE, BTE and RIC's (hearing aid styles).
  • Starkey X-Series - These are the latest non-wireless compatible hearing aids available in the same styles as Wi-Series. The X-Series is effectively superseded by the WI-Series and 3-Series.
  • Starkey Xino (image) - The Xino is a specific design option (a mini receiver-in canal) and is available as the smaller non-wireless with size 10 battery (as per image) and a wireless version with size 312 battery. The Xino is available across all technology levels.
  • Starkey SoundLens - The SoundLens was the world's first truly invisible custom in-ear hearing aid which Starkey labelled the Invisible-In-Canal (IIC) hearing aid (scroll down).

  • starkey hearing aids

    Starkey Hearing Aid Features - Starkey are currently excelling themselves with new digital hearing aid technology.

  • Active Feedback Manager - proven to be the best feedback elimination system in the business. If your hearing aids whistle, then try a Starkey.
  • Spectral IQ - A new frequency compression feature which allows us to restore important lost high frequencies speech sounds by shifting them into audible regions. For people who have lost part of their hearing in the high end of the spectrum.
  • In-vision Directionality - A new directionality system that claims to have one of the highest directivity index's on the market. Directional microphones are the best proven way of increasing speech recognition thresholds.

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    Starkey Soundlens:

    Starkey Soundlens - a custom IIC (invisible-in-canal) digital hearing aid for those who want a truly invisible hearing aid solution. Suitable for mild-moderate degree hearing loss, the Soundlens is setting a new trend and demand for invisible digital hearing aids. Invisibility is dependent on ear canal size. The Starkey Soundlens now competes with a range of other IIC's includng the Siemens iMini and the Phonak Nano, and is available in the UK as the Soundlens 7 and Soundlens 11. Compare all IIC invisible hearing aids.

    Starkey Soundlens

    Starkey Soundlens


    Wireless Connectivity

    Starkey Surflink Mobile - The all-in-one wireless streaming device. Starkey have now introduced a wireless accessory for linking mobile telephones to their digital hearing aids with the excellent Surflink Mobile. But.....!

    The Surflink Mobile quadruples its value as it can also:

  • Stream TV signal direct into the hearing aids
  • Be used as a remote control with touchscreen control
  • Be used as a wireless remote microphone - i.e. worn by a thrid party in the car etc.

  • The Surflink Mobile is the most versatile and functional wireless accessory currently available by any hearing aid manufacturer and is VERY simple to use and intuative.

    When receiving phonecalls the caller's id is shown on the colour screen. The hearing aid wearer can either choose to speak into the Surflink Mobile OR they can select that the hearing aid microphones pick up their voice signal - so this is the first wireless set up that does not require the user to speak into a device. A true hands free accessory.

    For remote microphone use you can let a third party wear the device using a neck lanyard, or you could place the device at the end of a large meeting table.

    For the TV you simply plug the device into the headphone socket and it streams wirelessly into your hearing aids - no need for a body worn neckloop.

    Call us for a demo - 0800 077 8248

    starkey surflink mobile


    "The ultimate wireless hearing aid accessory"

    Starkey Surflink Media Streamer (image below) - This hearing aid accessory plugs into your TV audio output socket, or in fact any other device (PC / radio) with audio output, and streams wirelessly to your hearing aids. Note, the Surflink Media Streamer is the ONLY TV adaptor device which streams completely automatically and without an intermediary device worn around the neck etc. The 'GN Resound TV Unite' also streams without a separate device but you have to engage the streaming signal physically. So this device is perfect for those who want a fully automatic set up, or for those who may be confused with having to change settings.

    Starkey surflink media

    Click here for larger image of the Surflink Media Streamer

    Starkey Surflink Remote - Starkey's first ever remote control to be used with their digital hearing aids. Now effectively replaced by the Surflink Mobile for functionality, the Surflink Remote offers a more affordable way of controlling your hearing aids. The Surflink Remote has the added bonus of having interchangeable covers so we can set them up to be basic, intermediate or advanced faceplates.

    Starkey surflink remote

    Starkey Accessory Prices

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