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Starkey were founded in 1967 by William Austin and have become a world leading supplier of hearing aids, and is now the largest supplier of hearing aids in the US market. Starkey have a UK base in Hazel Grove, Manchester, where all there custom products are made and serviced.

INNOVATION - Key hearing aid features recently developed include Starkey Spectral IQ, Starkey Voice IQ and Starkey's Binaural Spatial Mapping (features explained) onboard a new super-fast microchip processing platform to give maximum hearing potential in noisy environments. The launch of the Wi-Series (and now the Z-Series) wireless compatible digital hearing aids introduced with it onto the market the first completely automatic TV / Audio streaming device via the Surflink Media Streamer (image).

Other Innovations include: the world's first invisible-in-canal / IIC digital hearing aid (the Starkey Soundlens), highly water-resistant coatings, iphone remote control app (see below), and probably the best feedback eliminator on the market (removing unwanted whistling).

Starkey Hearing Aid Prices

Starkey Halo is here!

'Made for iPhone' hearing aids are the biggest development in digital hearing aids for many years.

Connect to your iPhone (or iPad & iPod) to use your phone as a remote control and for streaming of phone calls, music, skype, sat nav instructions, podcasts etc.

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Starkey Hearing Aids - the current portfolio

Recently Superseded Starkey Hearing Aids
3-Series / Wi-Series / X-Series / Ignite / S-Series / Zon / Destiny

The latest Starkey hearing aids are:

  'Made for iPhone' Wireless IIC
Top Range Halo i110 Z-Series i110 Soundlens 2 - 110
Upper Mid-Range Halo i90 Z-Series i90 Soundlens 2 - 90
Lower Mid-Range Z-Series i70 Soundlens 2 - 70
Entry Level Z-Series i30/i20

  • Starkey Halo - 'made for iPhone' - The latest and most innovative hearing aid by Starkey, works seamlessly with the iPhone, iPad and iPod. More information here.
  • Starkey HALO 'made for iPhone' hearing aids

  • Starkey Z-Series - The latest full range of wireless compatible hearing aids available in all styles including ITE, BTE and RIC's as in the below image (hearing aid styles).
  • Starkey Z-series hearing aids

  • Starkey SoundLens 2 - The SoundLens was the world's first truly invisible custom in-ear hearing aid which Starkey labelled the Invisible-In-Canal (IIC) hearing aid (scroll down). Suitable for mild-moderate degree hearing loss, and available in three technology levels - Soundlens 2-70, Soundlens 2-90 and Soundlens 2-110. Compare all IIC invisible hearing aids.
  • Starkey Soundlens

    Starkey Hearing Aid Technology - Starkey are currently excelling themselves with new features being introduced into their digital hearing aids.

  • Active Feedback Manager - proven to be the best feedback elimination system in the business. If your hearing aids whistle, then try a Starkey.
  • Spectral IQ - A new frequency compression feature which allows us to restore important lost high frequencies speech sounds by shifting them into audible regions. For people who have lost part of their hearing in the high end of the spectrum.
  • In-vision Directionality - A new directionality system that claims to have one of the highest directivity index's on the market. Directional microphones are the best proven way of increasing speech recognition thresholds.
  • And more - All features are explained here

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    Starkey Hearing Aid Prices

    Starkey- Hearing Aid Accessories:

    Remote Controls and 'Surflink' Wireless Connectivity

    Please click here for information and prices on the latest Starkey hearing aid accessories.

    Starkey surflink

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    Hearing Aid Repairs All hearing aid repairs undertaken. £40-£92 ITE repairs.

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