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A Word of Warning – Dementia and Hearing Loss

A Word of Warning

Dementia and atrophy of hair-cells

The longer you leave treating your hearing loss the harder it is to treat – and there can be lasting effects of this.  Nerve cells are like muscles – use them or lose them   – if you don’t use them, they can lose their ability to function properly, and the nerve bundles in the brain can redirect their function elsewhere. After long periods of time this can be impossible to reverse, and will reduce the effectiveness of hearing aids.

Recent studies have confirmed the close link between hearing loss and dementia – showing that unaided hearing loss can massively increase the risk of developing dementia. There are many links to read on this – here is one – our advice is to seek help for hearing loss at the earliest opportunity.

The headlines from scientific papers:

  • Baltimore 2011 – Older people with mild hearing loss are twice as likely to develop dementia
  • Ameiva et al. 2015 – The use of hearing aids is associated with less cognitive decline
  • The Lancet 2017 – Mid-life hearing loss may account for up to 9.1% of preventable dementia cases worldwide
  • Eurotrak 2018 – Only 11% of hearing aid users are aware that dementia is a related health risk in their condition
  • University of Manchester 2018 – The rate of age-related cognitive decline 75% following the adoption of hearing devices




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