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Android V Apple Hearing Aids

Android v iPhone Hearing Aids – Re-explained, a bit clearer… we hope!

Hearing aid development is becoming two tiered

On tier one we have development in producing high quality amplified sound working on complex fitting algorithms with noise filters and directional microphone technology.

On tier two we have mobile connectivity and app development.

We know many fear the technology but it is becoming so good at helping you hear better and become better connected – to people and the world.

Don’t let your hearing isolate you

Our two pages on this topic have just been updated and rewritten i a way that hopefully helps you to understand the benefits a bit better.

Made for iPhone hearing aids (MFi)

Made for Android hearing aids (MFA)

Note – other phones can be linked to hearing aids – it is explained in the MFA link.

Our recommended hearing aid at present for new features is Starkey Livio AI

android v apple hearing aids



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