Areas Covered by Crystal Hearing

Just a quick post to clarify the local area covered by Crystal Hearing


Crystal Hearing no longer offers home appointments for new business.


For existing clients who were supplied at their own home, your aftercare will be managed in three ways:

  • You can come to the clinic at Marlow
  • One of my affiliates can come out to see you
  • I can come out to you

Note: a charge will apply for home visits for hearing aids over 5 years old

For anyone looking to UPGRADE their hearing aids:

  • You can come to the Marlow clinic, and I will offer a loyalty discount
  • Or, I can request one of my affiliates to see you

The four affiliates shown are trusted independents who can offer good care and independent advice on the latest products.

Crystal Hearing also works with other trusted affiliates around the UK if you know anyone needing help.

Please do stay subscribed to this BLOG for updates on the latest products and discount offers.


Recommend a friend vouchers still apply if you recommend a friend to one of the four affiliates