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Headphones To Hearing Loss

Headphones and Hearing Loss

Customise Your Headphone Audio Levels to Match Your Hearing Loss Enhancing Your Streamed Music Listening Experience (from iPhone and / or iPad) Introduction Many hearing aid wearers nowadays can stream music and audio direct to their hearing aids - but…

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Oticon INTENT Hearing Aids

Should I Wear Hearing Aids All the Time?

Should I Wear My Hearing Aids All the Time? Navigating the world of hearing aids can be complex, and understanding when and how often to wear them is key to maximizing their benefits. In this short article we delve into…

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Auracast and LE Audio Bluetooth in Hearing Aids

Auracast is About to Revolutionise Hearing Aids Do not under estimate the importance of this development - watch the video first, then read the Blog   Please watch the video   Introduction Welcome to our latest blog post where we…

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Phonak users – important App update

Stay Connected with MyPhonak App A new feature for Phonak Hearing Aids Users   Introduction Phonak has always been at the forefront of innovation in hearing technology. Their MyPhonak App is no exception, offering a range of features designed to…

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Resound TV Streamer

Special Offers – Accessories

Unused accessory offers:   GN Resound hearing aids I have 1 tv streamer remaining for £100 - normal price is £170 (VAT exempt price). All details here Widex Hearing Aids I have 1 tv / computer streamer remaining for £120…

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NEW Signia SILK IX – Rechargeable invisible hearing aids!

Signia SILK IX Hearing Aids: Compact, Rechargeable, and Revolutionary In the vast world of audiological advancements, the Signia IQ SILK IX hearing aids have carved a niche for themselves. These devices, with their compact design and rechargeable feature, are not…

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