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Signia Cellion

Siemens / Signia PRIMAX hearing aids

Signia PRIMAX hearing aids Primax has now been superseded by Signia Nx hearing aids   The world's first digital hearing aids that out-perform normal hearing! Note: Siemens is now branded as Signia (as of 2016) Can a hearing aid outperform…

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Signia Motion

Siemens / Signia MOTION

Signia MOTION (Primax) hearing aids   Signia Primax has been superseded by Signia NX - click here   The BTE (behind-ear) range from Signia Sleek - Convenient - Effortless Signia MOTION Primax comes in a broad and versatile BTE range…

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Siemens Signia Insio Hearing Aids

Signia INSIO Custom In-Ear Hearing Aids

Signia - Custom In-Ear Hearing Aids Signia's custom made in-ear hearing aids are called 'INSIO' INSIO are made using the latest 3D modelling and laser printing technology for precision end results. Tailor made to suit each individual wearers ears INSIO…

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Signia Silk

Signia SILK ‘X’

Signia SILK 'X' Hearing Aids Discreet modular invisible hearing aids Signia 'X' supersedes the Signia 'Nx' and 'Primax' platform and is the premium hearing aid range by Signia as of December 2017. Signia SILK X are 20% smaller than the…

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