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Signia Mask Mode

Facemasks and Hearing Aids

You are not alone!

The universal requirement to wear facemasks in public during Covid is causing desperation for hearing aid wearers who simply cannot hear due to the loss of visual cues and the reduction of speech clarity actually reaching their hearing aids.

Recent studies have shown that the wearing of typical facemasks cause dramatic reductions of high frequency sound (2-7kHz) – and it is these higher frequency sounds that are critical to hear speech clearly.

Facemasks and Hearing Aids

Facemasks and Hearing Aids

Some hearing aid manufacturers are trying to help overcome this by incorporating ‘Mask Mode‘ into their phone apps (Starkey X hearing aids and Starkey Livio). You simply press the button for mask mode (shown below above the black arrow) and you will notice a boost in the appropriate bandwidth where speech reduction occurs.  This can be accessed by updating your phone app.

Signia Mask Mode

For older hearing aids by these companies, and for other branded hearing aids, we can add a Mask program for you – we can do this remotely if you have remote programming enabled.

Or you can make changes yourself in your app by boosting the treble and creating your own custom programs.

Or maybe it is time to upgrade – hearing loss is a disability and we are allowed to assist with your hearing needs during the pandemic (PPE compliant of course).


Signia X / Xperience

Please watch the video


Please contact us if you need advice on how to hear better in todays Covid climate. We are here to help you hear!

Thank you.



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