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FREE HEARING AIDS + other Discounts and Savings

At Crystal Hearing we believe in giving you the information you need – hopefully this page can help you save money!

Free hearing aids

Did you know grants are available for free hearing aids?

  1. Access to Work – to assist hearing disability in employment
  2. Grants for the Deaf – for children and young adults

The National Health Service also provide a route to obtaining free hearing aids – but not premium level and generally only one make and model for all patients. They do not supply accessories – see our accessory shop here.

Tax and VAT relief on Hearing Aids

Did you know you can put your hearing aids through as business expenses?

Save 40% on your hearing aids if in the higher earning tax bracket

Save a further 10% (approximately) on VAT (if VAT registered) – hearing aids already being partially exempt

Also, wireless streaming hearing aid accessories can be bought VAT free


Discount Rail Fares – Save 30%!

disabled rail cardHearing loss is a disability, and YOU ARE entitled to a disabled rail card if you wear hearing aids – it is that simple

More information

Get your discount card here



Hearing Aid Discounts at Crystal Hearing

  1. Early upgrades
  2. Discounted aftercare packages
  3. Partners buying together
  4. Insurance replacements – help with your excess
  5. Travelling afar to see us

Saving – You – Money


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