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Free hearing aids

Did you know grants are available for free hearing aids?

There are several ways to obtain up to FULL funding for premium specification digital hearing aids (AND hearing aid accessories):

  1. Access to Work – to assist hearing disability in employment
  2. Grants for the Deaf – for children and young adults
  3. Disabled Student Allowance – to assist hearing disability whilst studying
  4. Veterans Hearing Fund – for those who have served the UK armed forces

The National Health Service also provide a route to obtaining free hearing aids – but not premium level and generally only one make and model for all patients. They do not supply accessories – see our accessory shop here.

Tax and VAT relief on Hearing Aids

Did you know you can put your hearing aids through as business expenses?

Save 40% on your hearing aids if in the higher earning tax bracket

Save a further 10% (approximately) on VAT (if VAT registered) – hearing aids already being partially exempt

Also, wireless streaming hearing aid accessories can be bought VAT free


Discount Rail Fares – Save 30%!

disabled rail cardHearing loss is a disability, and YOU ARE entitled to a disabled rail card if you wear hearing aids – it is that simple

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Hearing Aid Discounts at Crystal Hearing

  1. Early upgrades
  2. Discounted aftercare packages
  3. His and hers purchases
  4. Insurance replacements
  5. Travelling a long way to see us

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