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Free Online Hearing Test

Free Hearing Test Consultation

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Hearing tests are without obligation to buy.

Hearing tests undertaken at the Marlow clinic.

Hearing tests are offered free purely with a view to supplying hearing aids – please bear this in mind. Hearing tests are only free for those who present with an aidable hearing loss (at least two readings over 30 decibels @250-4kHz) and want or need hearing aids – otherwise a charge of £55 will apply including for all referable conditions as defined by BSHAA standards. This £55 will be refunded on the purchase of hearing aids within 6 months of the hearing test.

All hearing tests are undertaken by qualified Hearing Aid Dispensers registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

A full hearing test consultation includes: ear examination with video otoscopy, case history, hearing test,  and clear explanation of hearing test results, and recommendation of the most appropriate hearing aids – this can take about 1 hour.

We may be able to offer a free trial on some demo hearing aids if they are appropriate for your hearing loss.

Our hearing test audiometers are calibrated annually.

If we are required to undertake ear wax removal the charges are explained here.


Please read our ‘Guide to Buying Hearing Aids

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