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Hearing Aid Accessories of 2020

Crystal Hearing has now added all the latest hearing aid accessories to our online store

Are you looking to improve the performance of your hearing aids?



How can we help you hear better?

  • TV Streamers – wireless streaming of teh audio signal to both hearing aids helps you hear the important parts of speech over background music and gets the important quieter parts of speech into your ears as a priority.  Can also be used for media streaming (music, podcasts, audiobooks etc)
  • 3rd Part Voice Streamers – can be worn by a car passenger, worn by your partner on walks when not facing each other, or placed on a meeting table etc.
  • Mobile Phone streamers – hear your calls in both ears, and handsfree calling. Can also be used for media streaming (music, podcasts, Sat Nav etc)
  • Landline phone streamers – Often placement of landline proves difficult, and landline clarity is poor. Dedicated landline streamers by Widex and Phonak stream the cal into both hearing aids and greatly improve speech intelligibility.
  • Remote Controls – Take better control of your hearing aids with extra programmes, and easier volume control.

Older hearing aids may require you to wear a neckloop or clip on accessory.

Newer hearing aids are now being made to stream direct – more info on this here

Note: Each brand of accessory will only work with the same brand of hearing aid.

Widex Hearing Aid Accessories






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