Hearing Aid Maintenance

Proper maintenance will help reduce ongoing costs and you being without your hearing aids.

You will, on average, wear your hearing aids for 12 hours a day, every day for the next 5 years or so. This equates to 22,000 hours of use in a warm, humid ear canal, exposed to wax and skin particles. Maintain them daily!

  • Wax and moisture ingress is the cause of most hearing aid breakdowns –  change wax guards and (new) microphone guards regularly.

The Basics

General Cleaning:

Wipe your hearing aids daily with sterile wipes.


£4.95 per box of 100.


£1.20-1.40 per pack or £14.95 for 60 cells.

  • USEFUL TIP – Extend your battery life by 1-2days by leaving the battery unused for 5 mintues after taking the sticker off.


Please recycle your Hearing Aid Batteries – Find your local collection point

Wax guards:

If your hearing aid is not working PLEASE CHANGE THE WAX GUARD BEFORE CALLING US.

VIDEO – watch how to do it here

Microphone guards:

The microphone sits outside the ear. Please use the brush provided to gently clean the microphone covers to remove any build up of dust / dandruff etc.

VIDEO – watch how to do it here

Ear domes (for RIC hearing aids only):

Change at least every 2 months) to avoid them coming off in your ear. Siemens Click domes only need to be changed if they are blocked.

Battery doors:

Please take care as battery doors are chargeable if broken. Support the door with your thumb when inserting batteries.

Other things to consider:

uvc-dehumidifierMoisture protection and Infections:

It may necessary to protect your hearing aids or your ears if moisture is causing repeated repairs, or you suffer ongoing infections.

We recommend a combined UVC dehumidifier.

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