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Hearing Aid Maintenance

Proper maintenance will help reduce ongoing costs and you being without your hearing aids.

The typical hearing aid wearer uses their hearing aids 16 hours a day, every day, for 5 years, or even longer. This equates to 29,000 hours of ongoing use in a warm, humid ear canal, exposed to greasy wax and micro skin particles – which gradually work into the hearing aids, rendering them less effective, or dead.

Maintain them daily!

Wax ingress and moisture damage are the leading causes of hearing aid breakdowns.

So,  change the wax guards and microphone guards regularly (if applicable); and if possible use a dehumidifier or drying crystals. 


Clean your hearing aids daily with sterile wipes:


cedis hearing aid cleaning wipes

Non Alcohol Wipes

hearing-aid-wipesAlcohol Wipes

hearing aid vent cleaner tool+

Hearing aid vent cleaning tool


£1.20-1.40 per pack or £14.95 for 60 cells.

  • USEFUL TIP – Extend your battery life by 1-2days by leaving the battery unused for 5 mintues after taking the sticker off.


Please recycle your Hearing Aid Batteries – Find your local collection point

Wax guards:

ALL hearing aids have wax guards. If your hearing aid is not working PLEASE CHANGE THE WAX GUARD.

Watch our YouTube videos here

Microphone guards:

All hearing aids have microphones (which will be on the outside of the ear.

But not all hearing aids have microphone guards. If you were not supplied with spare microphone guards then your hearing aids do not have them.

Please use the brush provided to gently clean the microphones and microphone covers to remove any build up of dust / dandruff etc.

Watch our YouTube videos here

Ear domes

If your hearing aid has domes please change them at least every 2 months.

Many domes (with the exceptions of Siemens / Signia ‘click domes) can soften over time and come off more easily. We do not want you losing the dome in your ear canal – if you do please call as we may be able to extract it.

Battery doors:

Please take care as battery doors are chargeable if broken. Support the door with your thumb when inserting batteries.

Moisture protection and Infections:

Amplicomms-DB130It may necessary to protect your hearing aids or your ears if moisture is causing repeated repairs, or you suffer ongoing infections.

We recommend a combined UVC dehumidifier for infections,

Or you can just use a closed container with drying crystals for moisture.

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