Pay less with Crystal Hearing for your hearing aid repairs

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All hearing aids can be repaired - Including NHS hearing aids


There are two ways for us to help you have your hearing aid repaired:

  • Via the actual manufacturer of the hearing aid. This is normally £100-£200.
  • Via an independent repair specialist. This is normally £40-£92.

It is YOUR choice which you use. Crystal Hearing will endeavour to help you keep your costs down though.

Standard hearing aid repairs currently cost £92 as of November 2016.

Prices may be higher though, for example if the amplifier is faulty, or if the speaker wire needs replacing (on RIC hearing aids). Amplifier faults are quite rare, but on such occasion we will notify you of any increase of costs before proceeding with the hearing aid repair as your hearing aid settings will be lost.

Repairs come with a 6-month repair warranty.

Postage charges shall be borne by the client (see below).


Parcels can go missing – It is your requirement to either insure your hearing aids for loss, or to pay the extra for special delivery return costs. YOU MUST ADVISE US BEFOREHAND IF SPECIAL DELIVERY RETURN COSTS ARE ACCEPTED. Otherwise hearing aids will be shipped back using recorded delivery on the assumption you can claim for loss on your own insurance. We recommend home contents insurance or AssestSure Insurance (please quote introducer number 100030 for best quote).

Special delivery charges are approximately £7-10 per parcel.


If sending your hearing aids to us from overseas please supply us with a UK return address and phone number.

If you wish us to return the aid to you overseas, we can do the following:

  1. If you have insured your hearing aid for loss we will send it back to you by Royal Mail ‘international signed for’ service (at your cost – approx £10).
  2. If you have not insured your hearing aid we can ship it to you by Fedex with their insurance (at your cost – approx £75).
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