Invisible Hearing Aids

Invisible-In-Canal hearing aids (IIC’s)

Custom made in-ear digital hearing aids launched by Starkey in 2010. Extra small and sat deep into the ear canal out of sight. Suited to mild / moderate losses and invisibility aspect is dependent on ear canal size. Available now asStarkey Soundlens, Phonak Nano, Oticon IIC, Widex IIC, GN Resound IIC and Unitron Micro.

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CIC Hearing Aids

Completely-in-the-canal (CIC’s)

Very small and discreet in-ear hearing aids offering excellent discretion. Some of the latest technology found in equivalent model ITE and ITC’s is sacrificed due to the small size of these hearing aids (i.e. dual microphones and telecoils).

There are now several power CICs on the market catering for people with severe hearing losses who require cosmetic appearance.

ITC Hearing Aids

In-the-Canal (ITC’s)

Slightly larger than the CIC hearing aids but with improved performance for speech in noise due to the extra features available including dual microphones, Bluetooth™ compatibility, and Telecoil loops (for use in churches and theatres).

The ITC and ITE offers easier insertion than the CIC for people with manual dexterity issues.

ITE Hearing Aids

In-the-ear (ITE’s)

The largest of the in-the-ear hearing aids often called ‘full shell’ & ‘half shell’ offering more power for clients with more severe hearing losses who don’t want to wear behind the ear hearing aids.

These are less common nowadays with the advent of the more versatile RIC/RITE options and more powerful CIC hearing aids.

RIC Hearing Aids

Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC’s and RITE’s)

The latest development in open-ear digital hearing aids solutions. Maximum clarity and comfort with very discreet appearance.

The receiver (the speaker unit) sits in the ear canal and is connect to a very small behind the ear aid via a conductive wire in a very thin tube. This solution has less distortion than the older OTE solution (shown below). Using a custom tip on the end of the speaker we can fit these hearing aids to severe hearing losses.

Image: Phonak Audeo

OTE Hearing Aids

On-the-ear (OTE’s)

The original open-fitting hearing aid solution.

The complete works of the hearing aid (i.e. the microchip, microphone and speaker) is housed behind the ear and is connected to the ear canal via an open slim-tube which the sound is sent down.

Image: Phonak Bolero

BTE Hearing Aids

Behind-the-ear (BTE’s)

Traditional style hearing aids fitted with an earmould (generally silicone or acrylic) that fills the ear.

Modern BTEs now have sleeker bodies and multi-colour designs and incorporate much higher specification technology than those available from the NHS.

Remote Microphone Hearing Aids

Remote microphone

This design is unique to GN Resound and was developed originally for the‘RESOUND BE’ product. These hearing aids have a small CIC shell sat in the ear canal and a looping wire leading to a microphone component that sits in the helix of the ear. Remote microphone hearing aids offer excellent wind noise protection as the microphone is shielded, and also apparently assist in improving localisation of sounds. They are not for everyone though!

Other hearing aid solutions are available including:

These require more specialised attention and we would recommend you contact us for a hearing consultation should you wish to know more about these.

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