Hearing Aid Telephones

Hearing well on the telephone is one of the biggest problems for people with hearing loss.

For those who wear hearing aids the phone can still present a problem and for that reason we recommend you consider one of the following solutions which really do offer extra benefit.

Option 1 – bespoke wireless landline telephones by hearing aid manufacturers:

These work seamlessly with their latest wireless compatible hearing aids, using wireless technology greatly improving speech understanding.

No accessories needed – just pick up the phone and listen!

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Widex DEX Phone and Phonak DECT Phone

Option 2 – dedicated landline adaptors

Designed and manufactured by actual hearing aid suppliers to work with their own hearing aids only. These devices plug into the back of your existing landline telephone and wirelessly stream the phone conversation to both ears via a secondary device worn by the hearing aid user. Wireless phone adaptors only work in unison with the brand of hearing aid they are made by (i.e Oticon ‘Connectline’ adaptors work with Oticon wireless compatible hearing aids).

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Oticon Connetline Phone Adaptor

Option 4 – hearing aid compatible telephones by non-hearing aid companies

These can generally offer loud speaker settings and telecoil induction facility to work with a telecoil loop programme setting on your hearing aids (if you have a ‘T’ programme that is).

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Amplicomms Hearing Aid Compatible Landline Phone

Option 5 – neckloops

A cheap option for improving phone reception, and you simply plug the neckloop device into the audio socket of your phone (if it has one) and wear them around your neck. When taking a phone-call you must be using the telecoil / loop programme of your hearing aids (if available). From only £19.99.

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hearing-aid-telephone-loopAmplicomms Hearing Aid Compatible Phone Neckloops

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