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Hearing Protection for Shooting

Crystal Hearing can help you with a variety of shooters ear defenders

We are located in Marlow, on the border of Buckinghamshire and Berkshire

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As Hearing Aid Audiologists  we are trained to take ear impressions whether it be for hearing aids or any other custom made in-ear product.

It is imperative to protect your hearing when shooting, especially if you shoot on a regulare basis. Shooting WILL result in hearing damage, and hearing aids are far more expensive than shooting defenders!

There are four forms of protecting your hearing whilst shooting:

  • Digital noise suppressors – these are similar to hearing aids in design and are made form either silicone or hard acryllic. A microphone picks up sound entering the ear, and this sound is digital processed so that it allows the wearer to hear voices, but suppresses loud sounds.
  • Sonic Valves – these are silicone moulds with a fast acting valve embedded into the mould. The valve allows low level sounds in but closes to loud gun shots etc.
  • Solid earmoulds – simply a custom mould which blocks the ear. This does not allow the wearer to easily hear people speak.
  • Disposable foam plugs – not really recommended, but better than nothing!

Crystal Hearing can either supply you your ear impressions for you to purchase the product of your choice, or we can assist in procuring the product from a list of suppliers including:

  • Puretone
  • PC Werth
  • ACS Hearing Protection
  • Ultimate Ear
  • Minerva

Our advice is for you to research the products available and then contact us to see if we can help procure the product for you, or to simply do your ear impressions so you can buy the products direct from the supplier.

Please contact us if you need ear impressions or for more information on shooting defenders / hearing protection.

Recommended Products

Item Description Image

Pro-Flex range

Puretone are leaders in the world of hearing protection for shooters. Their latest range being the Pro-Flex which offer excellent performance combined with more appealing (non-hearing aid) styling. The Pro-Flex is soft silicone in many colours and has three options:

Pro-Flex 1 – Single programme shooting defenders

Pro-Flex 2 – Dual Programme for game shooting and for clay shooting

Pro-Flex Hunter – For louder rifles and large calibre ammunition

Prices and more information here

Puretone Pro Flex

Sonic Valve


Simply solid silicone mould with a sonic valve inserted into it for a more basic level hearing protection.

Available in a full range of colours


Price on application

sonic valve shooting defender
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