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Invisible Hearing Aids – IIC’s

Below is a list of the latest IIC & CIC hearing aids

Custom made invisible-in-canal hearing aids are colloquially known as IIC’s.

CIC hearing aids (completely in canal) are simply lightly bigger than IIC as they pre-dated them – but can offer more power.

As a result of the availability of smaller micro-components and 3D design and laser printing technology IIC digital hearing aids are now being made smaller than ever before with more precise fitting results.

Some CIC (invisible in canal) hearing aids now incorporate ‘wireless‘ streaming technology (as an option) – this will however make the hearing aids bigger (‘Wireless’ meaning they are capable of streaming wireless audio signal – more info here).

All hearing aid styles explained here.


The Best Invisible Hearing Aids

(in no particular order)

Starkey Evolv Hearing Aids

Starkey Genesis IIC

Starkey launched the first ever invisible-in-canal hearing aid, and their current IIC hearing aids are up there with the best and the smallest in the industry.

Their latest IIC hearing aid is called Starley Genesis (and Signature – effectively the same aid but made confusing with double brand awareness).  Micro sized with 5 colours and 5 technology levels.

NOW AVAILABLE AS A WIRELESS CIC HEARING AID (but with 312 battery) – Starkey Signature CIC 312

Starkey Evolve is still available for lower specification models.

Phonak Titanium Paradise+

Phonak Titanium – invisible hearing aids

Made from titanium resin using 3D design and laser printing technology.

Offering increased durability and reduced size, due to a tougher yet thinner casing.

Now available in 3 faceplate colour options, at 3 technology levels. Programme button integrated into the battery door.

Overall offering an increased fitting success rate for smaller ear canals.

Phonak Nano+

Phonak Virto Nano – invisible in canal hearing aids

The Virto Nano was Phonak’s first venture into IIC hearing aids and was very successful.

The Phonak Virto Nano is very small and now incorporates a push button in the battery door giving extra user programmes without sacrificing on size.

The Phonak Nano is available in 3 technology levels and 5 faceplate colours.

Signia Insio Nx IIC Hearing Aids+

Signia Insio IIC  – invisible hearing aids

Signia Insio IIC is a good option for those seeking invisible hearing aids with high performance. Using the latest Ix chipset the Insio IIC has up to 48 sound processing channels which gives excellent speech clarity and feedback suppression. Now with integrated push button in the battery door to reduce the size of the hearing aid (CIC model only but can be made very small).


Signia SILK IX Rechargeable+

Signia Silk

Signia Silk is a modular (off the shelf) hearing aid, available in three technology levels, that can be fit to differing losses and patients ear size using different click domes that fit onto the end of the hearing aid. The only gain over custom products is that they are quick to fit, and they may suit a high frequency loss well due to reduction in occlusion.


Signia Silk are now available as a wireless CROS hearing aid solution for single sided deafness

Unitron IIC  –  invisible hearing aids

The Unitron Insera Micro IIC hearing aid is made on the same production line as the Phonak Virto Nano and uses the same chipset. The only difference is in the internal programming of that chipset.

Available with programme button integrated into the battery door.

Available in 5 skin tone colour options (beige, tan, cocoa, brown and black)

Please watch the video 

Oticon OWN IIC – invisible hearing aids

Oticon’s IIC invisible hearing aids are now available across their full OWN hearing aid range, and are smaller than ever before using new micro components. Definitely one of the smallest models available.

Oticon IIC’s comes in 5 faceplate colour options and at 5 technology levels. Capable of fitting severe hearing loss.

These IIC’s have no push button control, remote control or wireless technology.

Widex IIC Hearing Aids+

Widex Moment Micro CIC / IIC – invisible hearing aids

Available at 4 technology levels and in three faceplate colours (beige, mid-brown and dark brown).

Widex use one of the fastest chipsets on the market giving excellent sound fidelity, often referred to as the Widex sound.

These IIC’s have no push button control, remote control or wireless technology.

Resound Omnia Custom IIC – invisible hearing aids

Resound were late joining the race for producing IIC invisible hearing aids, but have ultimately come up with a great hearing aid that offers crisp sound processing, good feedback suppression, reliability, and is very discreet.

Less practical than some other IIC’s – no push button control, remote control or wireless technology.

Not the smallest – bigger than the Oticon models by some margin.

Crystal Hearing can supply all invisible hearing aids via our clinic in Marlow – facilitating all areas in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire including High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Henley, Beaconsfield. We also have a network of affiliate Audiologists across the UK – please call us.

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