Invisible Hearing Aids

Also known as IIC’s

Custom made invisible hearing aids are colloquially known as IIC’s. Please check our link for hearing aid styles to understand the different hearing aid styles currently available.

These hearing aids are now being made smaller as a result of new micro-components, 3D computer design and 3D laser printing technology. This also allows them to be more precisely manufactured.

Note: IIC / invisible hearing aids may now be wireless compatible if your ear canal is large enough to house the extra components.


Invisible Hearing Aids currently available

Starkey Soundlens Synergy

Starkey made the first IIC invisible hearing aids – called the Starkey Otolens. The Soundlens is high performing with excellent feedback suppression, but only comes with a black or pink faceplate (no mid colour options). The Soundlens truly are very small hearing aids and are now available as wireless, although wireless hearing aids are a bit bigger than non-wireless hearing IIC hearing aids as they need a receiver coil inside.

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GN Resound LiNX-3D IIC

Resound have been late joining the race for producing IIC invisible hearing aids, but sometimes this pays off as they get to monitor the pro’s and con’s of other suppliers IIC products. Resound have ultimately come up with a great discreet option that offers good sound processing, good feedback suppression, reliability and discreet results.

More on GN Resound hearing aids.

Phonak Titanium

Made from titanium using 3D printing technology. The smallest aid on the market as of April 2017.

Increased fit success rate for smaller ear canals, stronger shell for increased durability, high level of technology. For those with small ear canals or who break their hearing aids all too easily!  Now available in 3 faceplate colour options.

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Phonak Nano – invisible in canal hearing aids

Phonak’s first venture into IIC hearing aids was very successful. The Nano is very small and now incorporates a push button in the battery door for extra programmes without sacrificing on size. The Phonak Nano is available in 3 technology levels and 5 faceplate colours.

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Signia Insio IIC  (formerly Siemens)

Signia Insio IIC is a good option for those seeking invisible hearing aids with high performance. Using the latest Nx chipset the Insio IIC has up to 48 sound processing channels which gives excellent speech clarity and feedback suppression.

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Signia Silk

Signia Silk is a modular (off the shelf) hearing aid, available in three technology levels, that can be fit to differing losses and patients ear size using different click domes that fit onto the end of the hearing aid. The only gain over custom products is that they are quick to fit, and they may suit a high frequency loss well due to reduction in occlusion.

Signia Silk are now available as a CROS hearing aid solution for single sided deafness

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Unitron Micro IIC / invisible hearing aids

The Unitron Micro IIC is made on the same production line as the Phonak Virto Nano, using the same technology and the same people, and even the same chipset! The difference is in the programming of the chipset, and the Unitron Micro offers an excellent option, albeit just a lesser know brand name.

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Oticon Mini-IIC – invisible hearing aids

Oticon’s IIC invisible hearing aids are proving to be very neat and a good alternative to the best of the rest. A very small neat solution giving clear crisp sound from an ultra fast microchip platform. Oticon IIC’s comes in 5 faceplate colour options which makes these IIC’s an excellent choice for smaller ears. Now available as wireless version IIC’s. As of November 2016 Oticon incorporated a new faceplate design integrating the microphone into the battery door to make the aids even smaller.

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Widex Menu IIC / Invisible hearing aids

Widex came into the market of invisible hearing aids with the Widex Menu IIC. Widex use one of the fastest chipsets on the market giving excellent sound fidelity, often referred to as the Widex sound. We haven’t fit many of their IIC’s but recommend their latest products with full confidence in terms of performance.

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Crystal Hearing can supply all Phonak IIC hearing aids via our clinic in Marlow, and surrounding areas including High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Henley, Beaconsfield and other areas in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

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