‘Made for Android’ hearing aids are finally here

Launching this month – Phonak Audeo Marvel

Ok, so it has been a while in the making, and plenty of people have asked the same question over the last few years – if they can make ‘made for iphone‘ hearing aids, why can’t they make them for Android (there are more anti-Apple people out there than I had realised!!)

A recent blog article i posted gave an explanation and you can read that here

The article explains that Phonak and Unitron overcame the limitations upon making equal hearing aids for Android by reverting back to the older ‘classic’ Bluetooth protocol – but this is taking a bit of a step backwards and set limitations upon the solution (no binaural phone streaming).

Now Phonak have launched the Phonak Audeo Marvel and this hearing aid is made for iPhone AND Android. So here we have the world’s first direct ‘binaural’ streaming hearing aid compatible with the two biggest mobile phone platforms.

Not only that – it is rechargeable!

The product launch was yesterday (Friday 3rd November 2018). You cannot actually order the hearing aid yet but i will produce a detailed product page as soon as i receive all the promotion information.

Check out Phonak’s introduction page to Phonak Audeo Marvel

  phonak audeo marvel


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