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Musicians Earmoulds and Hearing Protection

We can supply custom made in-ear monitors, speaker moulds, and hearing protection for all musicians needs.

We are located in Marlow, on the border of Buckinghamshire and Berkshire

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As Hearing Aid Audiologists  we are trained to take ear impressions.

Musician’s custom in-ear products include:

  • Musicians audio in-ear-monitors (IEM’s) – (image) These are used by most professionals nowadays when playing live music allowing them to hear themselves play whilst also protecting their hearing, but also by avid music listeners who want the very best sound quality from their MP3 player without the need for bulky headphones. These come in single, dual or triple driver options to giving increasing quality. Prices vary between £200-£700 per pair.
  • Musicians noise defenders – (image) These are basically small ear plugs with patented noise filters inset into them which attenuate sounds by varying levels (9, 15 or 25dB). Used by people playing or in the presence of a lot of loud music who don’t necessarily need in-ear monitors. Prices are typically about £170.
  • iPod custom moulds – (image) – these custom moulds are good for everyday music lovers who want a better option than the standard headphones supplied with their iPod or MP3 player. Custom products offer the advantages of better retention for gym use, longer wearing comfort, suppression of external noises (so music can be played at a lower volume), enhanced bass effect, and improved overall sound quality compared to standard headphones. Prices vary between £90-£300.

Our advice…

Is that you research the various product that best suits your needs and then contact us to see if it is best for us to purchase the product on your behalf, or to do your ear impressions so that you can buy the products direct from a particular supplier.

Crystal Hearing has accounts with the following suppliers:


We can take your ear impressions AND place your order – please call us

07957 465 084


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