New hearing aids for 2020

Signa launch the excellent ‘Signia X’ (Xperience)

  • Rechargeable – induction charging with dehumidifier action
  • Made-for-iPhone technology
  • New motion-sensor technology for improved dynamic soundscape results
  • Direct TV streaming
  • Find out more here…

Signia Xperience

Resound lead the way in Made for iPhone and Made for Android

  • Update to Linx Quattro – these now stream audio from (some) Android phones
  • This applies to the new behind-ear and custom in-ear models
  • The most practical of all brands for remote care technology
  • Wireless CIC’s!
  • Find out more here…

Resound Quattro CIC

Oticon launch OPN custom in-ear, OPN-S receiver-in-canal, and Xceed high power BTE hearing aids

oticon opn hearing aids

Coming soon…

Phonak Virto Black

A new approach to making hearing aids more like ‘hearables’ – in line with the modern approach to wearing earbud speakers.

Will it work out for them?

Launching in March 2020 – press release here

Phonak Virto Black

Other updates coming soon

Unitron Discover – ‘Made for Android’ hearing aids – an alternative to Phonak Marvel. Rechargeable.

Starkey Livio – incorporating fitness tracking technology to get more from your hearing aids – for the techies!

Bernafon Viron – launched in 2019 – a single channel processing approach to high end hearing aid performance.

Widex – An upgrade premium replacement hearing aid coming in March 2020.


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