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NHS Hearing Aids v Private Hearing Aids

If you suffer from hearing loss you are entitled to free NHS hearing aids.NHS Hearing Aids

The NHS do a good job for many many people. The hearing aids they supply are lower specification to what you canbuy privately but they are very good hearing aids.

Many companies tender to supply their products to the NHS. Different NHS areas may focus on one particular product approved by the tender process.

The hearing aids supplied are typically slim-tube BTE but some areas may supply receiver-in-canal hearing aids.

NHS hearing aids can be quite big – and this is off putting for many, but it is always worth seeing what you can be supplied with – even if just for a back up pair of hearing aids.


Why buy private hearing aids ?


  • Much quicker supply of hearing aids
  • More attentive aftercare and reprogramming
  • Quick repair service



  • We can supply 8 different brands – choosing the best for you
  • A full range of custom in-ear hearing aid styles – image
  • We can supply other styles – see all the styles here

Hearing Aid Technology

  • More advanced speech in noise technology
  • More advanced direction microphone technology
  • More advanced speech enhancement
  • Echo reduction reduction – for better speech in churches and halls etc
  • Impulse sound smoothing – cutlery etc
  • Inter-ear binaural technology – better for localising sounds
  • Rechargeable – now lithium-ion for longer lasting performance

Mobile Phone Connectivity and Apps + TV Connectivity

  • Direct mobile phone streaming and remote control –  made-for-iPhone and made-for-Android
  • Direct TV streaming – better TV clarity and no neckloop accessory needed
  • Adjust background noise levels, and wind noise
  • Choose what direction you want to hear (front / back / left / right)
  • Fall detection – for the more elderly – automatic notification to family members
  • Alexa voice control / voice assistant
  • Reminder alerts (in-ear)
  • Fitness tracking
  • Live text to talk – phone calls transcribed to text
  • Live language translation
  • Remote programming assistance via the app.
Oticon OPN Custom In Ear Hearing Aids
Starkey Rechargeable Hearing Aids
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Please watch the video

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