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Oticon is a Danish company with a UK base in Hamilton, Scotland.

Oticon are a world leading manufacturer of digital hearing aids with large presence in the UK private and NHS markets.

Oticon are owned by the ‘Demant’ holding group. Read the Oticon history here.

Oticon Hearing Aids – The Current Portfolio

The latest premium products by Oticon are the ‘Oticon OPN-Sand the Xceed range – both built on the second generation Velux (S) chipset. Available in behind-ear models only at present.

Custom in-ear hearing aids are still on the original OPN Velux chipset.

Below these you have the ‘Oticon SYIA’ range – lower spec hearing aids built on the original VeloxTM chipset.

All are available in the full range of styles and across 5 technology levels.

Oticon now offer lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids and made for iPhone hearing aids.

Oticon Alta, Nera, Ria and Dynamo are all superseded.

The latest Oticon hearing aids are:

Options >>> Receiver-in-canal ('made for iPhone' technology) Custom In-Ear / Invisible-in-Canal Super Power BTE
Top Range OPN 1-S (rechargeable option) OPN 1 Xceed 1
Upper Mid-Range OPN 2-S (rechargeable option) OPN 2 Xceed 2
Lower Mid-Range OPN 3-S (rechargeable option) OPN 3 Xceed 3
Basic Level +1 SIYA 1 (rechargeable option) SIYA 1
Basic Level SIYA 2 (rechargeable option) SIYA 2

Also: CROS and BiCROS hearing aids – for single sided deafness

Styles Explained Here
Oticon OPN S Hearing Aids

Oticon OPN-S


Made for iPhone‘ compatible hearing aids – also now available as a lithium-ion rechargeable model

Oticon OPN was launched in 2017 and has now been upgraded, second generation, and is called OPN-S

Available at 3 premium technology levels, suitable for all levels of hearing loss.

Oticon OPN

Custom In-Ear Hearing Aids

Made for iPhone‘ hearing aids

Available in all custom in-ear styles – 1/2 shell, ITC, CIC and IIC.

At 3 premium technology levels, suitable for all levels of hearing loss.

OPN uses the preceding technology chipset to OPN-S.

Oticon Invisible Hearing Aids

The latest invisible hearing aids by Oticon are available in the SIYA and OPN ranges, and are available as wireless compatible option – meaning you can stream to extremely small and discreet custom made in-ear hearing aids (this may make them more visible)

Suitable for mild to moderate losses.

Oticon Xceed – UP and SP

Super Power and Ultra Power behind-ear hearing aids

The most powerful hearing aids by Oticon – catering for the most profound hearing losses. Fully wireless compatible and high specification digital hearing aids. Oticon Xceed replaces Oticon Dynamo.

Built on the Velox ‘S’ chipset for maximum performance. These hearing aids are on par with Oticon OPN-S.

Oticon SIYA

Made for iPhone‘ compatible hearing aids – download the Oticon ON phone app – and try it in demo mode.

The latest basic level hearing aid offering by Oticon is the SIYA range and is now available ALL custom in-ear styles and receiver-in-canal.

Available at 2 more basic technology levels than OPN, suitable for all levels of hearing loss.

Also available as a rechargeable hearing aid – note this incurs extra charge.

Oticon CROS and BiCROS Hearing Aids

For single sided deafness

For those with either, one dead ear and one very good ear (CROS); or a dead ear and an ear with a level of aid-able hearing loss (Bi-CROS).

The Oticon CROS / BiCROS transmitter aid is available as a mini-RITE like the OPN-S hearing aid, and can work with all OPN-S1 & S2 and Xceed 1 & 2 behind-ear hearing aids only (not custom in-ear products as yet).

These products incorporate ‘made for iPhone‘ technology and can therefore be controlled by many mobile phones using the Oticon ON app (see bottom of this page)..


Oticon tinnitus suppressing hearing aids

Digital hearing aids with tinnitus suppressing technology

Oticon Hearing Aid Accessories

Remote controls and wireless connectivity.

oticon connect line

Smartphone Apps

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Take full control of Oticon OPN hearing aids with the Oticon ON app

The relaunched fully integrated app now offering:

  1. Hearing aid remote control and audio streaming (for iPhones) – programme changes, volume, noise reduction etc
  2. Hearing guide – tutorials
  3. Hearing fitness – analytical tool – see below
  4. IFTTT – The internet of things! – see below

For android phones the app offers remote control only (not audio / call streaming).

Download the Oticon ON phone app – and try it in demo mode.

Compatibility guide

How to pair your hearing aids to the app


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Oticon Connectlie App

This app is used for controlling Oticon hearing aids via the Oticon Streamer Pro accessory

Online guide

Instruction manual


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Oticon Tinnitus Sound App

This tinnitus sound management app is for use with any Oticon hearing aid that can be connected to the Oticon Streamer Pro.

For Oticon OPN hearing aids use the Oticon ON app.

More on tinnitus support

3rd party review


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Oticon Remote Care App

This app is specifically for remote programming assistance for Oticon OPN-S and Oticon Xceed hearing aids.

Using this app we can make live changes to your hearing aids whilst you stay at home.

The app uses live video call via the app.

Click here for guidance and support


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Oticon Hearing Fitness

An exercise app for your ears!

This app allows you to receive data from the hearing aids and analyse sounds environments, daily use and historical usage data. The process of this app develops over time as more data saved.

More information


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IFTTT – If this then that – the internet of things protocol

The way to connect your hearing to the internet – why?


  • Receive a text message when your hearing aid batteries are running low
  • Set a voice alert in your hearing aids when the front door bell rings
  • Automatically switch hearing aid programme when you arrive somewhere

Definitely one for the techies!!

More information


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