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Oticon MORE

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Oticon MORE Hearing Aids


Now superseded by Oticon REAL – CLICK HERE


oticon more hearing aids

Oticon MORE Features and Performance

Oticon MORE utilises the power of a brand new ultra powerful chipset caled ‘Polaris’ and is built around a new ‘Deep Neural Network Sound Processing Strategy’ incorporating artificial intelligence technology. More reading on this here.

Some fast facts:

  • New ultra fast Polaris chipset
  • 16 x the capacity of previous Velux-S chipset
  • Twice the computational power as predecessor
  • 64 frequency channels – the highest of any hearing aid
  • Assesses the environment 500 times per second
  • Compares against 12 million real life sound samples

Oticon MORE is now available in four models and seven colours.

  1. RIC rechargeable
  2. RIC battery (312)
  3. BTE rechargeable
  4. BTE battery (312)

All with telecoil included

More information on the Oticon website here

Oticon MORE
oticon MORE colours+

Oticon MORE rechargeable hearing aids

Oticon MORE is Oticon’s latest lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids.

Uses inductive charging technology for ongoing reliability (no contact points to get dirty). New battery protection mode protects the battery from over charging.


  • 3 hour charge for fully charged
  • 1 hour charge for 50% charge
  • 30 minute charge for 25% daily use

There are now two charge options – desk top & portable

The portable charger holds 3 days of on-the-go charging but comes at extra cost of £110.

This charger does NOT hold charge for on-the-go cordless charging.

Compare ALL rechargeable hearing aids here

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oticon hearing aid chargers

Oticon MORE and Mobile Phones

Oticon MORE can stream calls and audio direct from iPhones & latest Android phones.

Using the Oticon ON app you can also take full control of your Oticon MORE hearing aids – volume, programmes, etc.

For other brands phones and older Android phones you will need to use a Connect-Clip accessory.

Now offering handsfree calling on latest iPhones – see below image

Download the Oticon ‘ON’ app

Try it in demo mode

google-play-badge_en_300px-300x89 Apple-App-Store-Badge_en_300px-300x89

Oticon OPN phone app

You can control your handsfree phone calls by pressing the push button on the hearing aids in the manner shown in the image. 

Oticon Handsfree Calling

Oticon MORE Accessories

Connect-Clip – for streaming from all mobile phones other than iPhones which can directly connect.

TV Streamer 3 – For direct streaming of your TV to your hearing aids

Landline Phone adapter – Stream your landline calls via the Connect-Clip accessory

These accessories really do improve speech intelligibility – try them – money back guarantee applies.

Also: Remote control 3.0 – for those who do not have access to the mobile phone app

More information

Oticon Hearing Aid Accessories+

Oticon Remote Care

Oticon have now included remote programming assistance in their latest hearing aids via their phone app called Oticon Remote Care.

This allows us to connect to you and your hearing aids via live video call within the app and make changes to your hearing aids – this is primarily used in the initial fine-tuning set-up process so that you don’t have to keep driving back and forth for minor tweaks.

Being that hearing aids now include a vast array of technology this can allow us to tweak things a bit more for you to try in different environments and hone the hearing aids better to your needs.

You will need to download the Oticon Remote Care app and set up a user account.

Click here for guidance and compatibility

Further help with RemoteCare

Download here

google-play-badge_en_300px-300x89 Apple-App-Store-Badge_en_300px-300x89

Oticon Remote Care

Crystal Hearing can supply Oticon MORE hearing aids via our clinic in Marlow. Surrounding areas include High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Henley, Beaconsfield and other areas in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. We can recommend affiliates outside of these areas – please call 07957 465 084.

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