Oticon SIYA Hearing Aids

Oticon’s lower specification product range is the Oticon SIYA range of hearing aids (from November 2018) and sits below the premium Oticon OPN range.

Whilst SIYA offers more basic and / or restricted technology in some respects, it still offers:

  • Invisible in canal option – for maximum discretion
  • Rechargeable option – for convenience
  • Made for iPhone technology – for maximum control (also for Android but more limited use; see below)
  • Receiver in canal models – with high power option for severe hearing loss
  • Custom in-ear models – incorporating made for iPhone technology

Available at 2 lower end technology levels and varying power levels – a hearing aid to suit high expectations at a lower price point.

What does Oticon SIYA offer you?

Affordable Speech Intelligibility

Direct Smartphone Technology

Rechargeable Battery Technology 

Oticon SIYA and Smartphones

Oticon SIYA has direct connection to certain smartphones:

iPhone – For audio streaming and remote control functionality

Android – For remote control functionality only

Download the Oticon ‘ON’ app

Try it in demo mode

google-play-badge_en_300px-300x89 Apple-App-Store-Badge_en_300px-300x89

Oticon OPN phone app

Oticon SIYA Accessories

Connect direct to your TV , laptop, bluetooth phone (other than iPhone) or even a friend for extra speech clarity.

These accessories really do improve speech intelligibility by sending the important speech cues direct to the hearing aids via radio waves and this imroves the speech to noise ratio. Try them – money back guarantee applies.

Oticon SIYA Rechargeable

Oticon SIYA is available as a rechargeable hearing aid.

Please note this is not standard and incurs extra cost.

More information on Oticon rechargeable hearing aids

Please watch the video

(This applies to Oticon OPN and SIYA)

Oticon SIYA Styles

Now available in a variety of custom made in-ear hearing aids and several receiver-in-canal options.

Hearing aid styles explained here

Custom in-ear

From the very smallest IIC’s for maximum discretion, to the larger full-shell option which has longer lasting batteries and is easier to handle for dexterity issues.

made for iPhone technology‘ can be included in the ITC, 1/2 shell, and full shell models (the 3 models on the right of the image).

Compare all invisible-in-canal hearing aids here


Mini-RITE being the most common due to it being the smallest model – can be converted to rechargeable hearing aid at extra cost – click here for more information

Mini-RITE-T as above but with a telecoil loop included (for churches, theaters and banks)

Standard behind ear

BTE-13 – for people with severe loss who find receiver-in-canals too fiddly to insert.

BTE-13 PP – for extra power for severe to profound hearing losses

oticon siya hearing aids

5 behind-ear colour options

oticon invisible hearing aids

5 in-ear faceplate colour options

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