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Oticon ZIRCON Hearing Aids

Oticon’s lower specification and price product range is the Oticon ZIRCON & Oticon SIYA range of hearing aids.

Oticon ZIRCON are behind ear – receiver-in-canal and standard BTE – as detailed on this page.

Oticon SIYA are custom in-ear hearing aids – detailed here.

Oticon ZIRCON offers:

  • Rechargeable option – for convenience
  • Made for iPhone technology – for maximum control (also for Android but more limited use; see below)
  • Receiver in canal and BTE models
  • 4 power levels for all levels of hearing loss
  • Available at 2 technology levels

Oticon RUBY is available in 4 styles

  1. RIC rechargeable
  2. RIC battery (312)
  3. BTE rechargeable
  4. BTE battery (13)

All have telecoil feature

With 2 charger options – desktop and portable

oticon zircon

oticon zircon colours

Oticon ZIRCON – Available in 5 colours

Oticon ZIRCON is Oticon’s latest entry level lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid.

Uses inductive charging technology for ongoing reliability (no contact points to get dirty). New battery protection mode protects the battery from over charging.


  • 3 hour charge for fully charged
  • 1 hour charge for 50% charge
  • 30 minute charge for 25% daily use

Two chargers are available – desk top & portable

The portable charger stores charge for on-the-go charging but is more expensive – £260 as opposed to £150

oticon smart charger
oticon hearing aid chargers

Oticon ZIRCON has direct connection to certain smartphones:

iPhone – For audio streaming and remote control functionality, and handsfree calling

Android – For audio streaming and remote control functionality

Download the Oticon ‘ON’ app

Try it in demo mode

google-play-badge_en_300px-300x89 Apple-App-Store-Badge_en_300px-300x89

Oticon OPN phone app

Oticon ZIRCON hearing aid accessories are available for improving clarity of speech in various circumstances

Connect-Clip – for streaming from all mobile phones other than iPhones which can directly connect.

TV Streamer 3 – For direct streaming of your TV to your hearing aids

Landline Phone adapter – Stream your landline calls via the Connect-Clip accessory

These accessories really do improve speech intelligibility – try them – money back guarantee applies.

Also: Remote control 3.0 – for those who do not have access to the mobile phone app

More information

Oticon Hearing Aid Accessories+

Crystal Hearing can supply Oticon ZIRCON hearing aids via our clinic in Marlow. Surrounding areas include High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Henley, Beaconsfield and other areas in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. We have affiliates around the UK who can also supply these – please call 07957 465 084.

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