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Phonak Audeo Paradise

Please watch the video

Phonak Audeo Paradise (P)

The most complete Phonak hearing aid ever released is now available.

Made for Android – Made for iPhoneRechargeable – Direct TV streaming

Phonak Paradise uses the latest ultra powerful ‘PRISM’ sound processing chipset.

Available at 4 technology levels (P90, 70, 50, 30), in 7 colours and 4 models:

  • Audeo P312 – full spec with standard 312 battery
  • Audeo P13-T – full spec with size 13 battery and telecoil-loop feature (so slightly larger)
  • Audeo P-R – lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid
  • Audeo P-RT – lithium-ion rechargeable with telecoil-loop feature
phonak audeo paradise+
Phonak Paradise Overview


  1. Firstly and most importantly – Autosense v4.0 with binaural voicestream technology for exceptional sound quality and enhanced listening in difficult environments – Phonak Paradise P90 is Phonak’s most advanced hearing aid to date (2020/21).
  2. Improved music listening – already many people have commented on this.
  3. ‘Roger’ compatible – the biggest development for speech-in-noise. Read up about Phonak Roger here
  4. Direct mobile connectivity – to any blueooth phone with binaural streaming (i.e. both ears)
  5. Hands free calling – unlike with made for iphone hearing aids the Phonak Audeo Paradise allows you to answer calls by pressing the button on the hearing aid, and the hearing aid microphone picks up your voice – so you do not have to pick up your phone to answer phone calls.
  6. Text to talk – a brand new feature via an app (myCall to Text) that converts live calls to text so you have follow calls in the most demanding of listening environments. Watch the video.
  7. Landline streaming – a list of compatible phones is to be released – Siemens Gigasets should work.
  8. Direct TV connectivity – using the Phonak TV Connector accessory – high definition stereo listening in both ears.
  9. Direct remote control – via the myPhonak mobile phone app
  10. Rechargeable – an optional style. Uses lithium-ion built in battery for quick charging and lasting performance. The rechargeable model is slightly larger than regular battery models – more on rechargeable hearing aids.
  11. Remote programming – we can now fine tune your hearing aids remotely for improved initial set up.
  12. Motion Sensors – new inbuilt motion sensor technology allows the hearing aid to adjust directional focus based on your movements – i.e. moving (walking and car it assumes all around sound, stationary in noise it assumes directional focus is needed) – only in rechargeable models.
  13. Tap Control – Using the sensor technology you can now simply tap your hearing aids to answer and end phone calls and to access voice assistant tools like Siri and Alexa (i.e. to check the weather, play music, set reminders, do internet searches).
Phonak Audeo Marvel

Benefits of Phonak ‘Paradise’ Hearing Aids

Phonak Audeo Paradise is available in 4 technology levels as below

  • Phonak Audeo P90 – Premium: a vast array of advanced features. 20 frequency channels
  • Phonak Audeo P70 – Advanced: but less automatics and speech focus than above. 16 frequency channels
  • Phonak Audeo P50 – Standard: a popular choice for the slightly less needy. 12 frequency channels
  • Phonak Audeo P30 – An advanced entry level digital hearing for a tighter budget. 8 frequency channels
phonak paradise features

APD is Adaptive Phonak Digital and is the under-pinnng technology that gives Phonak it’s quality sound across the whole dynamic range of hearing for each client – now improved v.2.


Phonak Paradise Tap Control

Tap control is only available in the rechargeable hearing aid models (P90 & P70)


Phonak Paradise Styles and Colours+

Available at 4 technology levels (P90, 70, 50, 30), in 7 colours and 4 models:

  • Audeo P312 – full spec with standard 312 battery
  • Audeo P13-T – full spec with size 13 battery and telecoil-loop feature (so slightly larger)
  • Audeo P-R – lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid
  • Audeo P-RT – lithium-ion rechargeable with telecoil-loop feature
Phonak Audeo Marvel Rechargeable+

Phonak Audeo Paradise rechargeable hearing aids

Phonak Audeo Paradise is available in 4 styles, of which 2 are lithium-ion rechargeable – The P-R and the P-RT.

The P-RT comes with telecoil-loop feature included.

Lithium-ion batteries offer quick charging and reliable performance over time. Manufactured to last 5-6 years so no need to send your aids off for battery swap.

The P-R and P-RT are issued with a mini-charger as shown left.

You can buy a portable charging case (shown below) with dehumidifier capability here.

Note: The image shows the portable charger + battery pack

Compare all rechargeable hearing aids here

Phonak Audeo Direct+

Phonak Audeo Paradise allows binaural call listening (both ears) from almost any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and stereo media streaming.

iPhone – Android – Windows

With Phonak Audeo Paradise you can take true hands-free calls by activating the call with either a push of the button on the hearing aid or using the new tap control feature (simply tap the hearing aid), and the hearing aid transmits the call both ways with the need to pick up the phone. You can also set dedicated ring tones so you know who is calling just by the ring tone you hear (i.e. familiar people you want to answer to but cannot see the caller ID).

Click these links for more information on how this can help you:

Compatibility checker

Phonak App Support Link

myPhonak app

As of 2020 this app is now THE app for all Phonak hearing aids – with regards to the following features:

  • Mobile streaming – any Bluetooth mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Windows etc)
  • TV streaming control
  • Remote control – programmes / volume etc
  • ‘My Hearing Aids’ feature – learn all about your hearing aids
  • ‘Remote support’ – for programming via face-time call.
  • Hearing care diary – more info

So, for any hearing aid that has direct streaming (like Phonak Marvel) or older aids that connect via a ComPilot this is the app to use.

Read the full feature leaflet here

Mobile phone compatibility checker


Also available is the MyCall-to-Text app  – watch as your difficult to hear calls are transcribed live!


Phonak MyCall-to-Text App

Watch the video

Please also try the Phonak tinnitus balance app

google-play-badge_en_300px-300x89 Apple-App-Store-Badge_en_300px-300x89



You can control volume, directional focus, dynamic noise cancellation – and more

phonak paradise hearing aid accessories

See also ‘Roger Accessories’ below

What is ‘Roger’?

ROGER is a suite of hearing aid accessories developed by Sonova (for Phonak and Unitron)  offering the greatest proven success in improving speech in loud noise at a distance of 1.5/2m +  listening range.

ROGER FM is similar to Bluetooth hearing aid technology, but using FM transmission which is more robust and more reliable, for better performance and transmission over greater distance than Bluetooth streaming.

ROGER previously required an extra receiver component to be fitted onto your Phonak hearing aids or worn around your next – but with Phonak Audeo  Paradise the receiver component is integrated – NOTE: it will cost you extra to have the Roger receiver installed into the hearing aids. And then you need to buy a Roger transmitted accessory.

We can supply all Roger accessories – more information here.

Please call for pricing.

myPhonak App+

Phonak now offer remote programming assistance via the myPhonak App – see section above ‘Phone App’s

This allows us to programme your hearing aids whilst you stay at home – great for fine tuning and honing the hearing aids to your needs.


Crystal Hearing can supply Phonak Audeo Paradise hearing aids via our clinic in Marlow – surrounding areas include High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Henley, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. We also have affiliates around the UK – please call us.

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