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Phonak are a world leading Swiss company with their UK headquarters in Warrington, Cheshire, where they make ALL their custom products for the whole of Europe.

Phonak are owned by the Sonova Group, who also own the Unitron hearing aid company. Read more.

Phonak Hearing Aids – the current portfolio

Coming soon – Phonak Virto Black and Naida Marvel

Phonak hearing aids are spread over 4 technology levels – 30, 50, 70, 90 – with 90 being the  best.

The latest hearing and best Phonak hearing aids are called ‘Marvel‘ – and are labelled M.

Marvel hearing aids have direct streaming to ANY Bluetooth enabled mobile phone – more info here.

The slightly older models are called Belong – and are labelled B.

So, be sure you buy the latest hearing aid models – M supersedes B, and B superseded the V range.


The latest Phonak hearing aids are:

Style of hearing aid >>> In Ear Receiver-in-canal Behind Ear Rechargeable
Top Range Virto B90 (inc Nano & Titanium) Audeo Marvel 90 Bolero Marvel 90 / Naida B90 Audeo & Bolero M90 R & RT/ Naida B90-R
Upper Mid-Range Virto B70 (inc Nano & Titanium) Audeo Marvel 70 Bolero Marvel 70 / Naida B70 Audeo & Bolero M70 R & RT / Naida B70-R
Lower Mid-Range Virto B50 (inc Nano) Audeo Marvel 50 Bolero Marvel 50 / Naida B50 Audeo & Bolero M50 R & RT / Naida B50-R
Entry Level Virto B30 Audeo Marvel 30 Bolero Marvel 30 / Naida B30 Audeo & Bolero M30 R & RT / Naida B30-R

Also: CROS and BiCROS hearing aids – for single sided deafness

Phonak Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology for long lasting maximum performance.

Current models are – Audeo Marvel R and R-T , Bolero Marvel P-R, and Naida Belong B-R

Audeo and Naida being receiver-in-canal; Bolero being standard behind-ear.

Phonak Invisible Hearing Aids

Virto Titanium (B) and Nano (B)

Phonak Nano was Phonak’s original invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aid and is now available as Virto Nano B90, B70 and B50 (90 being the best).  Nano now incorporates a push-button integrated into the battery door offering programme or volume control without making the hearing aid bigger.

Phonak Titanium is the latest development in IIC technology – using titanium particles in the shell casing which allows for a thinner more durable shell. Using the smallest components available the titanium allows for greater fitting success in smaller ear canals. AVAILABLE IN 2 TECHNOLOGY LEVELS (90 AND 70), 3 POWER LEVELS & 3 FACEPLATE COLOUR OPTIONS.

Al products are made using the latest 3D laser printing technology for high precision custom fit.

Phonak Audeo Marvel (M) – Receiver-in-Canal Hearing Aids

See also – Phonak Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Direct streaming to any Bluetooth phone – Made for ALL (Android, iPhone, Windows etc)

The latest receiver-in-canal hearing aids from Phonak is Audeo Marvel (supersedes B models).

Phonak Audeo Marvel is available on 4 technology levels, in 9 colours, and 5 different models (for battery size, telecoil and rechargeable).

Phonak Virto Belong (B) – Custom In-Ear Hearing Aids

The Phonak Virto (B) range offers a range of sizes and power levels to suit every individuals needs- built on the Belong platform.

Available on 4 technology levels – Virto B90, B70, B50 and B30 (90 being best).

All made in the UK using state of the art 3D laser printing.

Phonak Bolero Marvel (M) – Behind Ear Hearing Aids

Rechargeable Hearing Aids & Direct streaming to any Bluetooth phone – Made for ALL (Android, iPhone, Windows etc)

The latest standard behind-ear hearing aids from Phonak is Bolero Marvel (supersedes B models).

Phonak Bolero Marvel is available on 4 technology levels, in 9 colours, and 2 different models (battery version and rechargeable version).

Phonak Naida Belong (B) – Super / Ultra Power Behind Ear Hearing Aids

The Phonak Naida offers an ultra powerful behind-ear hearing aid option for those who suffer with profound hearing loss. Available at 4 technology levels – Naida B90, B70, B50 and B30, and two power levels – Super Power or Ultra Power; and also as a receiver-in-canal option which can be rechargeable.

Will likely be upgraded to Naida Marvel in 2020.

Phonak CROS and BiCROS Hearing Aids

For single sided deafness

For those with either, one dead ear and one very good ear (CROS), or a dead ear and an ear with aidable hearing loss (Bi-CROS).

Now also a rechargeable CROS hearing aid option is available – only the behind-ear models

Phonak offer custom in-ear CROS hearing aids, and receiver-in-canal CROS hearing aids, both using wireless technology.

Their latest models are labelled Cros ‘B’ and BiCros ‘B’

Tinnitus Hearing Aids

Phonak’s tinnitus suppressing hearing aids

Digital hearing aids with tinnitus suppressing technology

Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories

Remote controls, wireless connectivity and battery charging units.

Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories

Smartphone Apps

google-play-badge_en_300px-300x89 Apple-App-Store-Badge_en_300px-300x89

myPhonak app

As of 2020 this app is now THE app for all Phonak hearing aids – with regards to the following features:

  • Mobile streaming – any Bluetooth mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Windows etc)
  • TV streaming control
  • Remote control – programmes / volume etc
  • ‘My Hearing Aids’ feature – learn all about your hearing aids
  • ‘Remote support’ – for programming via face-time call.
  • Hearing care diary – more info

So, for any hearing aid that has direct streaming (like Phonak Marvel) or older aids that connect via a ComPilot this is the app to use.

Read the full feature leaflet here

Mobile phone compatibility checker

Phonak App Support Link


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Phonak MyCall-to-Text App

Watch the video

myCall-to-Text app

This app translates live calls to text so that you can follow conversations in the most demanding environments 

It’ll be interesting to see how this works on quick languages, or dialects even, that people often struggle with!

  • Hearing and read your phone calls to confidently communicate
  • The other person can use any phone for this to work without using the app
  • Save the transcription for later use
  • Available in USA, Canada, UK and Germany app stores
  • In 80 different languages
  • In 3 font sizes

Mobile phone compatibility checker

More information here


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Phonak Tinnitus Balance App

This free smartphone app allows you to create a personalised library of sounds and music to ease your tinnitus.

This app is available for Android™ and iOS®.


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