Protect your childs / grandchilds hearing (and your own!!) – HEAR ANGEL

Did you know a recent study showed nearly 30% of teens have some form of hearing damage!!! – smart-phones being the main cause due to excessive listening to loud music

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Now you can help protect your child or grandchild’s hearing by promoting a new phone app called HearAngel®.

HearAngel® is the best way for you and your family to listen to music without worrying about hearing damage. It’s an innovative app for your smart-phone that monitors what you listen to, and lets you know when you’re in danger of overexposure. It can even intervene to reduce sound to prevent you from exceeding your Daily Sound Allowance (DSA), and has no effect on sound quality.

Please do promote the use of this app for anyone you know who listens to music a lot – that could be anyone; not just your child or grandchild.

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