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Leading Brand Rechargeable Hearing Aids

No more fiddling with batteries!

Rechargeable hearing aids have been around for many years, with leading German company ‘Siemens Hearing Instruments‘ paving the way with behind-ear models, and Hansaton (another German company) being the only brand to have released in-ear rechargeable hearing aids. (Note: ‘Siemens Hearing’ is now ‘SIGNIA’ which is owned by Sivantos).

These hearing aids used batteries that reduced hearing aid performance over increasing periods of charge cycles and thus never really developed that far. However, developments in alternative battery technology has progressed and all leading hearing aid manufacturers are now offering high specification rechargeable hearing aids – with new custom in-ear rechargeable hearing aids launched by Starkey in 2020.


Lithium-ion battery technology is creeping into all gadgets – and hearing aids are no exception. Why? – because lithium-ion batteries charge quicker, last longer on a charge, they do not deteriorate from partial charging (after a first full charge) and the batteries do not degrade in performance over time (although the charge capacity will drop over time). The main consequence being that lithium-ion is volatile and therefore is more hazardous and requires more care in development. (Note: If posting lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids you should attach a hazardous substance sticker which is supplied at the post office).

Lithium-ion batteries are integrated into the hearing aid – the user cannot change the battery.

Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids were originally bigger than silver-zinc hearing aids, until the introduction of the slim-line Signia Styletto. Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids will inevitably become smaller.

Compare All Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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oticon intent rechargeable hearing aids+

Oticon Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Oticon’s latest rechargeable offering is:

The new Oticon charger uses contact point charging as this enables quicker charging. New battery protection mode protects from over-charging and degrading of the battery life.

New chargers now give a full days use in 2 hours of charge time, and 4 hours in 15 min charge time.

Just the desk top charger is available in the new Oticon Intent at present.

Note Oticon REAL was superseded in 2024

Signia : lithium-ion

Signia have a full range of styles that include lithium-ion (induction charging) rechargeable technology.

The latest highest specification hearing aids are IX – Intergrated Experience – available as receiver-in-canal, and SILK IIC.

Also available Signia Motion ‘X’ Charge & Go (BTE), Signia Insio AX RE (custom in-ear), and the ultra slimline Signia Styletto ‘AX’.

Signia Pure IX Charge-&-Go : battery life after each charge is up to 36 hours. Comes with 3 charger options – mini charger, portable charger (3-4 days portable charging), and dehumidifier option. The go-to hearing aid by Signia. Click the link below and the image for more info.

Signia SILK IX Invisible in canal – a micro sized modular hearing aids which comes with different fittings domes for different sized ear canals.  Now rechargeable this is the go to rechargeable hearing aid for maxium discretion.

Signia Insio AX RE – Made to fit you – available as half shell and full shell custom in-ear models. Up to 20 hours use with 5 hours of wireless streaming included.  Click the link below and the image for more info.

Signia Styletto AX : 19 hours use on one full charge, or 16 hours and 5 hours of streaming. A full charge takes 3 hours. A 30 minute charge gives 5 hours of use. Portable charger holds 4 days of cable free charging power. The hearing aid battery in Signia Styletto lasts efficiently for about 500 charges. After 3 years it will run at approximately 80% capacity.  Click the link below and the image for more info.

Signia Motion X Charge & Go : BTE option giving up to 61 hours use on one charge! For those needing simplicity with high end performance.  Click the link below and the image for more info.

Hearing aid batteries will need to be replaced by the manufacturer – there will be a fee for this if the hearing aid warranty has expired. This will be approx. £150 per hearing aid for the Signia Stylettos and Insio, and likely £50 per hearing aid for Signia Charge & Go (Pure and Motion) – TBC!

Phonak : lithium-ion

Phonak entered the rechargeable hearing aid market in 2017.

Their latest rechargeable hearing aids and highest performing hearing aids are based on the Lumity range, which offers better speech in noise performance and more seemeles environmental transition than Phonak Paradise.

Latest models are:

  • Phonak Audeo Lumity L-R – standard receiver-in-canal
  • Phonak Audeo Lumity L-RT – as above with telecoil loop
  • Phonak Audeo Lumity LIFE – waterproof receiver-in-canal hearing aids
  • Phonak Audeo Lumity FIT – detailed fitness and health tracking hearing aids
  • Phonak Naida Lumity L-PR – super-power rechargeable BTE
  • Phonak Naida Lumity L-UP – as above but ultra-power

3 hours for a full days use. 30 min charge for 6 hours use. The battery lasts approximately 6 years – it will need returning for replacement after this period and a replacement fee will apply.

Phonak charger units vary in style – the older models used contact charging, but the later Lumity chargers use inductive charging.  Click here to see complete charger overview.

ReSound OMNIA and Resound Custom

Resound OMNIA replaces Resound ONE and QUATTRO as their leading technology behind ear hearing aid.

Also now available is Resound Custom Made Rechargeable – custom fit in-ear hearing aids designed like and acting like bluetooth ear buds.

Resound also offer a more budget level rechargeable hearing aid – Resound KEY.

Resound Omnia

3 hours charge = 30 hours usage, or 20 hours if streaming all the time

1 hour – 3 hours usage

30 mins – 1 hours usage

Custom Made by Resound

5 hours charge = 24 hours usage, or 20 hours if streaming all the time

1 hour = 8 hours usage

10 min = 1 hour usage

The charger unit holds extra charge for 3 days cable free charging – great for short trips away.

The hearing aid battery and the charger battery lasts approx. 4 years, by which time they will likely run at 80% charge capacity. The hearing aid battery will need to to be replaced by the manufacturer – the battery is covered under their extended warranty.

Click the image for more

Starkey GENESIS & SIGNATURE: lithium-ion

Starkey’s latest range of premiu hearing aids is Genesis and Signature, which supersede the excellent Evolve and Insio ranges.

Starkey have excelled themselves with their latest rechargeable hearing aid – giving the longest lasting and quickest charging batteries on the market at time of writing.

The chargers have magnetic terminals for easy charging placement – the hearing aids are attracted to the charging points and simply drop on.

Genesis rechargeable includes receiver-in-canal and custom ITC / full shell).

The Signature range is an extension of the Genesis range (same technology & chipset but encompassing the smaller non-wireless models. Starkey are the first company to offer a custom rechargeable CIC hearing aid – see images.

  • 310 minutes of charge gives 3 hours of use.
  • Custom in ear hearing aids lasting up to 36 hours on a single charge.
  • RIC behind ear models (the RT) lasting up to 51 hours!
  • The portable charger option (not standard supply) also holds charge for 3 days portable charging.

The hearing aid battery should last 4-5 years and will need to be replaced by the manufacturer – there will be a fee for this if the hearing aid warranty has expired.

Any model labelled ‘R’ is rechargeable.


Widex ‘Moment’ : lithium-ion

Widex launched their first lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid in 2020 during the storm of Covid and hence didn’t see the take off that they’d hoped for. That said – Widex Moment is a supremely good hearing aid offering many features.

Widex Moment offers:

16-20 hours of listening (depending on streaming time with full 4 hour charge).

30 minute fast charge for 4 hours listening

Drop-in lightweight charging case

Widex now offer two chargers – a charge and clean (meaning dehumidifying action) charger and a simpler drop-in charger. The ‘charge n clean’ is extra cost and not cheap! Contact us to discuss pricing.

A look to the future

The inventor of lithium ion battery technology – Mr John Goodenough.

Developments are being made for higher capacity, increased longevity and quicker charging batteries, which will in turn find their way into the hearing aid market and will allow for smaller rechargeable hearing aids.

We hope to see real developments coming from thermal batteries – whereby the hearing aids can run on the heat of our body!

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