ReSound Linx 3D – ON SALE NOW – £200 off and free 5 year warranty

£200 off and free 5 year warranty for readers of this blog

It pays to read this blog!

(Offer valid whilst the ReSound promotion to us lasts – likely 3 months)

ReSound Linx 3D is the next step forward in made-for-iPhone hearing aids; but also offers the very latest in surround sound technology for improved speech in noise performance.

We have a supply of demo hearing aids to give a FREE WEEK TRIAL to clients who may benefit from upgrading their hearing aids and want to see if this is the solution for them.


Imagine hearing foreign languages translated in your ears – live!!

Resound Linx 3D translate

Available in all styles

ReSound Linx 3D colours

ReSound Linx 3D Colours

ReSound Linx 3D custom in-ear hearing aids

Giving full control to you

Resound Linx 3D

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