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All Styles – Rechargeable – Made for iPhone – Made for Android!

ReSound have improved upon their best selling Linx 3D by launching the Linx QUATTRO

The key benefits of ReSound Linx Quattro are:

  • Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid options and portable charging unit
  • Direct streaming to both iPhone AND Android mobile phones
  • Direct streaming for TV signal
  • A new chipset that is 100% faster and twice the memory capacity of previous LiNX hearing aids
  • Extended frequency bandwidth now up to 9.5kHz
  • Improved ear-to-ear binaural performance – for speech in noise
Resound Linx Quattro+
Resound Omnia+

Resound LiNX Quattro Styles and Colours

We have three generic styles – in-ear, receiver-in-canal, and standard BTE (behind ear with earmoulds).


  • RE61 (RHA) – Lithium-ion rechargeable
  • RE61 (312) – Size 312 battery version – smaller than the above
  • RE62 (13) – Size 13 battery version – about the same size as the rechargeable version.

In-ear : custom made to measure

Available in 4 custom sizes and 5 colours

  • CIC – Completely in canal. Single microphone and as small as possible to fit the ear. Size 10 battery.
  • ITC – In the canal – slightly larger with dual microphone technology. Size 312 battery.
  • F/S – Full Shell – fills the whole ear – good for dexterity issues, longer battery life and more power. Size 13 battery.
  • Remote microphone – a unique design to Resound – good for reducing wind noise. Size 10 battery.

Hearing aid styles are explained in more detail here.

All models can incorporate ‘made for iPhone / Android’ technology – but, the new CIC ‘made for iPhone’ hearing aids have an external wire loop at the top which sticks out and can be rather unsightly (depending on the shape of the wearers ear) – so they may not be as cosmetically appealing as one would like.

Behind the Ear – standard BTE

Available in 3 models varying in size and power – we rarely fit these as the above hearing aids tend to be first choice for us.

Please contact us to discuss if needed.


Click the brochure image to read all about the new ReSound LiNX QUATTRO >>>>

The Overview brochure is aimed at hearing care professionals, but we feel it details the product well. (Note: ReSound Linx Quattro is now available at 3 levels – 5, 7 and 9).

State of the art battery charging technology

Using lithium-ion batteries which do not drain over the course of their life (2 years)


  • 30 hours use with 3 hours charge
  • 16 hours use with 1 hour charge
  • 8 hours use with 30 minute charge
  • 4 years full performance

Usage times will be reduced if streaming audio

Also – the charging case can give a further 90 hours of charging use without being plugges in – ideal for short trips away (up to about 7 days – with 90 hours giving a further 6 days of 15 hours use, on top of a full charge plugged in before you leave).

After 4 years it is advised to get the battery changed (we offer 5 year warranty)

Now Made for iPhone AND Made for Android

DOWNLOAD THE ‘RESOUND SMART 3D’ APP – and try it demo mode.

There are two key benefits of the app

  1. Remote control for your hearing aids – you can zoom in on speech and change volume settings.
  2. Streaming of audio – i.e. your phone calls, podcasts, and music.

Click these links for more information

Made for Android

Made for iPhone

Resound Linx 3D+
Resound Linx 3D
Resound Linx 3D translate

ReSound – Remote Assistance

We now have the ability to fine tune your hearing aid settings remotely.

It is important that your hearing aids are set up properly in person, but remote programming allows us to fine tune your hearing aids without you being present – the changes are sent to you for you to upload via your phone app.

Remote Assist means that you can drive to Crystal Hearing from afar to take advantage of our prices and not have to keep driving back for minor set up changes. 

ReSound Telecare+

ReSound iSolate nano-technology

Every component in ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids is coated with iSolate nanotech to protect from moisture damage.

Protected from dust and water to a rating of IP68.

Resound Linx 3D+

What ReSound LiNX QUATTRO offers you…

Improved Speech Performance

Direct Smartphone Technology

Rechargeable Battery Technology

ReSound LiNX Quattro Accessories

resound hearing aid accessories

Crystal Hearing can supply ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids via our clinic in Marlow – surrounding areas include High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Henley, Beaconsfield and Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. If outside these areas please call and we can put you in contact with an affiliated supplier.

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