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All Styles – Rechargeable – Made for iPhone – Made for Android!

Now including triple microphone technology (each hearing aid) – a world first

The new chipset in ReSound OMNIA offers 50% more processing power and twice the memory capacity than its predecessor chipset, and offers significantly improved speech in noise (front focus) results than Resound ONE.

Some key benefits of ReSound OMINIA are:

  • Improved localisation of sounds due to 3 microphone technology
  • 30% improvement in speech understanding
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable option
  • Direct streaming to iPhone & Android phones
  • Handsfree calling – latest iPhones
  • Stereo TV streaming

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Resound OMNIA styles and colours

ReSound OMNIA is currently available in four receiver-in-canal styles, and two BTE models – and in 8 colours.

All models incorporate ‘made for iPhone & Android’ technology.

For information on Omnia custom in-ear models click here.

Resound Omnia Family
Resound omnia colours+

Microphone & Receiver in-ear (M&RIE)

The key new feature of this revolutionary hearing aid is the incorporation of a 3rd microphone on ear hearing aid – located on the end of the speaker wire that sits in the ear. See video.

The new microphone makes much better use of the natural shape of the ear to funnel and amplify important speech cues much like nature does for normal hearing people. This microphone works in an all-around focus at lower background noise levels. When background noise increase the two microphones in the hearing aid body take over and can give much better directional focus (directional microphones are the proven best technology in hearing aids, excluding accessories, for improving speech in noise).

The disadvantage of M&RIE is that the microphone in the ear can block more easily and requires more maintenance – the microphone does have replaceable microphone guards, but they are very fiddly to change.

Another disadvantage is greater risk of feedback with the microphone being closer to the speaker – ReSound have improved their feedback suppression technology but there are limits and this means more severe ‘ski-slope’ losses may lead to increased feedback whistle.

M&RIE is unique to Resound hearing aids

Please watch the video

(applies to Resound ONE and OMNIA)

Binaural Beam Forming & Ultra Focus

ReSound OMNIA incorporates new technology that allows all 4 of the ‘directional’ microphones on top of the two hearing aids to communicate with each other (inter-ear radio wave technology).

This gives us ‘binaural beamforming‘ – and an improvement in speech recognition in noise (under simple laboratory conditions) has been reported to be higher than what is typical with independently operating directional hearing aids.

Binaural beamforming has been designed to balance maximising speech in noise to the front whilst preserving spatial hearing cues for localisation of sounds all around.  Giving great performance and natural sound results.

Front Focus

Resound’s ‘Front Focus‘ technology is available in OMNIA and is a development of their ‘Ultra Focus’ (in the preceding hearing aid ‘Resound ONE’) – and despite sounding less impressive, there are claims that Front Focus gives a massive improvement for hearing front facing speech in high level noise. Watch the video at the top of this page.

Resound Ultra Focus+

ReSound OMNIA is available at 3 technology levels – 9, 7 and 5 (9 being the best).

The hearing aids come fully loaded with technology – see the feature chart below.

Resound Omnia Front Focus

State of the art battery charging technology

Using lithium-ion batteries which do not drain over the course of their life (2 years)


  • 30 hours standard use with 3 hours full charge
  • 16 hours use with 1 hour charge
  • 8 hours use with 30 minute charge
  • 4 years full performance

Usage times will be reduced if streaming audio – i.e. 25 hours on a full charge if streaming 100% of the time. Usage times will reduce gradually but performance will not.

The premium (larger) charging unit can give a further 5 days of portable charging (if fully charged) – ideal for short trips away.

After 4 years it is advised to get the battery changed (we offer 5 year warranty).

PLEASE NOTE – The hearing aids come with one charger of your choice as per our price list.

Compare all rechargeable hearing aids

Resound OMNIA chargers+
resound OMNIA+

Now Made for iPhone AND Made for Android

DOWNLOAD THE ‘RESOUND SMART 3D’ APP – and try it demo mode

Key benefits of the app:

  1. Remote control for your hearing aids – i.e. wind and noise control, zoom in on speech (new omproved ‘front focus’), and change volume settings, etc.
  2. Streaming of audio – i.e. your phone calls, podcasts, and music.
  3. Handsfree calling – latest iPhone’s only – User Guide Here.
  4. Find your lost hearing aids – GPS tracking technology will save you an insurance claim!
  5. Remote assist – we can help fine tune your hearing aids whilst at home!

Click these links for more information

Resound Smart 3D can also be used on Apple watches.

Resound Smart 3D App+

Please watch the video

ReSound – Remote Assistance

We now have the ability to fine tune your hearing aid settings remotely.

It is important that your hearing aids are set up properly in person, but remote programming allows us to fine tune your hearing aids without you being present – the changes are sent to you for you to upload via your phone app.

Remote Assist means that you can drive to Crystal Hearing from afar to take advantage of our prices and not have to keep driving back for minor set up changes. 

ReSound Telecare+

Resound Hearing Aid Accessories

Resound Hearing Aid Accessories
Resound Waterproof Hearing Aids

Applies to all parts of all Resound hearing aids

Resound OMNIA hearing aids

Crystal Hearing can supply ReSound OMNIA hearing aids via our clinic in Marlow – surrounding areas include High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Henley, Beaconsfield and Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. If outside these areas please call and we can put you in contact with an affiliated supplier.

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