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SIGNIA (formerly Siemens)

Siemens Hearing was taken over by ‘Sivantos Limited’ in 2015.

Sivantos then rebranded their UK hearing range ‘SIGNIA’

Sivantos have UK HQ in Crawley, Sussex. Most products however are now imported from Poland.

In 2019 Sivantos and other leading brand Widex merged to become WS Audiology – the two hearing companies will unite their research and development but will continue to supply as two separate hearing aid brands.

WS Audiology also own the smaller hearing aid brands Audio Service and Rexton.

Have a look at their excellent WEBSITE and YOUTUBE CHANNEL showcasing the latest Signia products.

Click here to read more about the company.

Signia Hearing Aids – The Current Portfolio

Signia hearing aids are available in all standard styles and over 5 technology levels.

Now including rechargeable custom in-ear hearing aids and rechargeable IIC Signia SILK.

The latest Signia hearing aids are:

Style of hearing aid >>> Rechargeable (RIC & ITE) Custom In-Ear Receiver-in-Canal Invisible (IIC) BTE / Behind Ear
Top Range Pure IX7 / Styletto & Insio AX7 Insio Nx7 Pure IX7 Insio Nx7 / Silk IX7 Motion AX7
Upper Mid Pure IX5 / Styletto & Insio AX5 Insio Nx5 Pure IX5 Insio Nx5 / Silk IX5 Motion AX5
Mid Pure IX3 / Styletto & Insio AX3 Insio Nx3 Pure IX3 Insio Nx3 / Silk IX3 Motion AX3
Lower Mid Pure & Styletto & Insio AX2 Insio Nx2 Pure AX2 Insio Nx2 / Silk X2 Motion AX2
Entry Level Pure & Styletto & Insio AX1 Insio Nx1 Pure AX1 Insio Nx1 / Silk X1 Motion AX1
Also: CROS and BiCROS hearing aids – for single sided deafness.

Made for iPhone (MFi) & Android

Signia hearing aids can stream direct audio from iPhones / iPads and Android mobile devices.

Now also – handsfree calling from iOS devices.

Full audio streaming, advanced remote control functions, and more.

Read more here:

Signia Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Including:   Signia Pure ‘IX’   –  Signia Styletto ‘AX’   –  Insio AX Custom ‘AX’

New developments in rechargeable hearing aids, by Signia, using lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology.

The 2nd company to launch lithium-ion rechargeable custom in-ear hearing aids, alongside the ultra sleek Signia Styletto AX which offers a new fashion statement design in the hearing aid world.

Also rechargeable CROS hearing aids for single sided deafness – see section below.

Receiver-in-canal hearing aids 

Signia Pure IX and Signia Styletto AX

The latest in receiver-in-canal technology hearing aids by Signia. Currently divided on three platforms:

  • Signia Pure ‘IX’ – Offering unprecedemted realtime conversation enhancement in noise and more advanced dynamic soundscape processing for seamless speech in noise benefits. Android and iPhone streaming. Available in 2 options – Charge and GO (without telecoil) and Charge and Go ‘T’. And at 3 technology levels.
  • Signia Styletto ‘AX’ – an alternative slimline design for those seeking something different. Rechargeable with a very neat portable charging case. Available at 5 technology levels.

Click the links for more information on

Custom In-Ear Hearing Aids

Available in a range of sizes – IIC, CIC, ITC, ITE – Signia NX range

Also now available with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries – Signia AX RE Custom

Styles explained here

Available in 5 technology levels from budget to high performance.

ITE and ITC models include made-for-iPhone & android streaming technology.


Signia Silk ‘IX’

The Signia Silk ‘IX’ is only currently the only modular invisible-in-ear hearing aid available, although Unitron did experiment with modular IIC hearing aids some years ago without great success. Available at all 5 technology levels.


Now also available as a CROS hearing aid solution – the first ever micro in-ear CROS hearing aid solution (see below).

Signia Motion Nx+

Standard ‘BTE’ Behind-Ear Hearing Aids

Signia Motion AX

The Signia Motion AX BTE is available in three models:

  • Standard BTE
  • Power BTE
  • Super Power BTE

Available on 5 technology levels, and with standard earmould connection, or slim-tube with small discreet ear-domes.

Includes made-for-iPhone & Android technology.

Available as rechargeable option – Signia Motion ‘Charge&Go’

CROS and BiCROS Hearing Aids

Single sided deafness hearing aid solutions

For those with either, one dead ear and one very good ear (CROS), or a dead ear and an ear with aidable hearing loss (Bi-CROS).

Signia offer in-ear CROS hearing aids (Silk) , and receiver-in-canal CROS hearing aids (Pure IX), both using the latest wireless technology.


Tinnitus suppressing hearing aids

Digital hearing aids with tinnitus suppressing technology

Signia / Siemens Hearing Aid Accessories

Remote controls, wireless connectivity and battery charging units.

signia hearing aid accessories

Crystal Hearing can supply all Signia hearing aids via our clinic in Marlow – surrounding areas include High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Henley, Beaconsfield and other areas in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. We also have a UK network of affiliates that can help you though.

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