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Signia – Custom In-Ear Hearing Aids

Signia’s custom made in-ear hearing aids are called ‘INSIO’

INSIO are made using the latest 3D modelling and laser printing technology for precision end results.

Tailor made to suit each individual wearers ears

INSIO is available in FOUR STYLES, as shown below, and FIVE TECHNOLOGY LEVELS, to suit almost any hearing loss and lifestyle requirements.

Nx supersedes the Primax range (Px)

signia invisible hearing aids

Signia INSIO Invisible-In-Canal

Compare all invisible hearing aids


Key Features

Currently INSIO Nx is the latest in-ear product by Signia, and is available in all custom in-ear styles at 5 technology levels – 7Nx, 5Nx, 3Nx, 2Nx and 1Nx.

List of features – Insio 3-7 Nx

Signia Insio

The four styles of Signia INSIO

Invisible-in-canal – using the smallest micro components available. Size 10 battery.

Completely-in-canal – still very discreet but not quite as small as IIC, but with extra power option.

In-the-Canal (1/2 shell) – larger with dual microphone technology – size 312 battery.

In-the-Ear (full shell) – full size in ear, easier to handle, longer battery life, maximum power.

SIGNIA INSIO – Some Key Features

(features dependent on style and may not apply to IIC and CIC models)

Signia Spatial Configurator – Our favourite feature by Signia – using the Signia App on your mobile phone you can zoom in on the direction you want to hear from (left, right, behind), or you can zoom in ahead and also change the angle of front facing focus.

Please watch the video

signia spatial configurator
Signia Spatial Configurator+

Signia Binaural Hearing –  Ear-to-ear data transmission – high speed data transmission between the hearing aids allows a virtual 8 microphone network to shield noise from important speech cues – building a 3d picture of the environment and giving true surround sound.


Signia eWindscreen – Using the above high speed inter-ear data exchange process Signia Nx hearing aids can recognise wind noise and dramatically reduce it without impinging on speech. Most people will turn their head slightly in wind to shield one side where speech is. The Nx hearing aid then sends the speech signal to the other ear, and reduces the microphone on the wind side.

Improved TV listening – direct streaming of your TV to your hearing aids – no need for neck-loop / clip-on devices anymore. You do still need a TV transmitter accessory to get high fidelity streaming without audio lag.

See accessories below.


Tinnitus masking – to help those with disturbing tinnitus.

More on tinnitus hearing aids here

Signia myControl Phone App

‘Signia App’

Giving you mobile phone remote control over your hearing aids (volume, programmes, noise reduction), and audio streaming of phone calls.

Also with Signia, the excellent Spatial Configurator tool – so you can choose which direction you want to hear (see the ‘features’ tab above).

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Download the ‘Signia App’

Check phone compatibility


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Signia Hearing Aid Accessories

signia hearing aid accessories

Crystal Hearing can supply Signia INSIO hearing aids via our clinic in Marlow – surrounding areas include High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Henley, Beaconsfield and Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. We have affiliates outside these areas – please contact us.

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