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Signia Pure AX Hearing Aids

The most complete hearing aid ever released by Sivantos

Signia AX hearing aids are the latest premium hearing aid as of 2021 onwards.

The Signia PURE AX is their standard receiver-in-canal hearing aid.

Available as rechargeable or size 312 battery operated.

iPhone and Android compatible.

Signia AX Pure Hearing Aids

Signia AX is now available at all 5 technology levels

Signia AX1, AX2, AX3, AX5 and AX7

(7 being best)

At the heart of things is a drive for technology that gives clear comprehension of speech in noisy situations.

CLICK HERE FOR:  List of features

CLICK HERE FOR:  Features explained


Our favourite feature is the Signia Spatial Configurator

Signia Spatial Configurator allows you to choose the direction you want to focus on (left, right, behind, ahead), and you can change the focus angle from wide to narrow.

You can leave it on automatic – but there may be environments where you wish to take control.

Please note that because Signia hearing aids contain motion sensors then top end hearing aids can automatically detect when you are travelling in a car (most cars – not so much convertibles and electric cars, which run smoother)

Spatial Configurator is controlled very easily via the Signia App for iPhone and Android phones.

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The world’s first acoustic-motion sensors in hearing aids

This technology is divided into two;

  1. Motion sensors – to detect how the wearer is moving to determine the best sound processing strategy. ie these hearing aids can detect when you are travelling in a car and can switch to an all-around programme so that you hear other passengers (as opposed to front facing microphones when noise is present).  These sensors can also tell if the wearer is not standing up so that directional microphones can be disengaged if more appropriate to hear better.
  2. Acoustic sensors – for improved sound localisation, own voice detection and signal to noise ratio – more information is collected for rapid analysis meaning the soundscape is brought to life more precisely and in greater detail – offering you Dynamic Soundscape Processing.

Signia Binaural Hearing –  ‘ear-to-ear data transmission’ – high speed data transmission between the hearing aids allows a virtual 8 microphone network to shield noise from important speech cues – building a 3D picture of the sound environment, giving true surround sound and improved speech in noise response.


Signia eWindscreen – Using the the binaural hearing technology above Signia hearing aids can dramatically reduce wind noise and enhance speech. Most people will turn their head slightly to wind to shield the side where speech is – Signia Windscreen transmits the speech from the shielded side to the wind facing hearing aid which has wind protection technology applied to it.

Signia OVP+

Own Voice Processing – v2.0

For the most natural own voice and highest acceptance

Signia have been working hard to smooth out the age old problem some wearers have in accepting their own voice sound when wearing hearing aids.

OVP improves spontaneous acceptance of own voice by 75% of dissatisfied hearing aid wearers (see first fit study –


Design and Build Protection

Hydrophobic / Oleophobic protection: a filter that improves protection against both water and oil based liquids.

Anti-capillary design: preventing the microphones from becoming clogged by liquids

IP68 rated: the microphones and other openings are sealed, ensuring the hearing aids remain robust and reliable – even during rainy months.

Improved TV listening

Direct streaming of your TV to your hearing aids – no need for neck-loop / clip-on devices anymore. You do still need a TV transmitter accessory to get high fidelity streaming without audio lag.

See the ‘Accessories’ section below.

Tinnitus Hearing Aids

Tinnitus Masking

To help those with disturbing tinnitus.

More on tinnitus hearing aids here


Signia Pure AX Rechargeable

These hearing aids use lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology.

Available in 3 charger options as below.

A new battery gives up to 36 hrs hearing aid usage with 5 hrs of streaming use. This will reduce over time.

Also offering:

  • 30 mins of charging gives 6 hours of use
  • Inductive charging – just place them in the charger
  • 3-4 days portable charging in the portable unit.
  • Built-in dehumidifying technology in the large unit

Compare ALL rechargeable hearing aids

‘Signia App’

For iPhone and Android (check the compatibility link below).

By connecting your hearing aids to the Signia APP you can:

  • Stream your phone calls – handsfree
  • Select different listening programmes – ie for music, or restaurant
  • Adjust the volume of your hearing aids
  • Set mask mode to boost listening when masks are worn
  • Fine tune your settings using Signia Assist – more info here
  • Choose directional hearing using the excellent Spatial Configurator – so you can choose which direction you want to hear (see the ‘features’ tab above).

See also:

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Signia Nx Accessories

Direct TV Streaming

The Streamline TV accessory can be plugged into your TV and the sound audio will be streamed in high fidelity stereo sound direct to Signia Styletto ‘X’ hearing aids – this really makes listening to TV easier and less tiring. Especially for those programmes where background music can over power speakers voices.

Also available:

Streamline Microphone

For streaming third party voices – i.e. worn as a lapel clip-on accessory for a passenger in the car, or it can be placed on a meeting table to pick up voices.

More details and prices here

Crystal Hearing can supply Signia Pure AX hearing aids via our clinic in Marlow – surrounding areas include High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Henley, Beaconsfield and Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. If outside this area we can put you in contact with a local supplier.

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