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Signia SILK ‘IX’ Hearing Aids

Discreet modular invisible hearing aids


Signia ‘IX’ is the latest model of Signia SILK – available at 3 technology levels – using a new chipset that can analyse 192,000 data points per second for improved realtime conversation enhancement.

Signia ‘X’ is still available for those on more of a budget (not rechargeable).


  • A quick ready-to-go in-ear hearing aid solution for mild-moderate hearing loss.
  • Very discreet, sometimes invisible.
  • Can be fit to those with high frequency hearing loss without the risk of occlusion.
  • Utilises a variety of click dome types and sizes for bespoke fitting – see section below.

Signia IX Video

Signia SILK ‘IX’

Signia SILK was the first truly CIC / IIC size hearing aid to incorporate ultra HD ear-to-ear wireless binaural processing technology for improved speech localisation and performance, and for CROS hearing aid set up (see section below).

Signia Silk ‘IX’ is the latest development of SILK and is now rechargeable – available at the top 3 technology levels (IX7, 5 and 3) and comes with portable pocket charger giving 24 hours of charge and 2-3 days of protable top up charging.

For lower budgets the older SILK X is still available at X1 and X2 levels.

Click the link for full features list.

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Features explained

Signia SILK IX Rechargeable+
Signia SILk IX colours

Signia SILK IX Rechargeable hearing aids are available in two faceplate colours

Mocha brown and Black.

Note the new faceplates are smoother and neater than the older battery models.

signia touch control app


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Signia Phone App

The SILK can be controlled via the ‘Signia APP’

A basic remote control app that lets you change volume and programme settings for the majority of the latest Signia / Siemens hearing aids. 

The app works by emitting a very high pitch (inaudible) tone, which the hearing aids react to; thus, this app does NOT require wireless connectivity.

This app can be used instead of the miniPocket remote control.

Check phone compatibility here.


Signia Silk
signia touch control app+

miniPocket – A basic remote control app that lets you change volume and programme settings for the majority of the latest Signia / Siemens hearing aids. 

Note you do not need the remote control if you have a smart phone – download the Signia APP

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Tinnitus masking

Signia SILK incorporates tinnitus masking technology to aid those with disturbing tinnitus

More info here

Signia Silk ‘Click’ Domes

The Signia click domes push on firmly so that they do not come off in your ear canal.

Two types to suit different hearing loss requirements – open for mild / moderate high frequency loss; and closed for those with a flatter hearing loss.

CROS hearing aids – for single sided deafness

Signia SILK is the first CIC style and size hearing aid capable of offering a wireless CROS hearing aid solution for patients with single sided deafness.

More on single sided deafness here

signia silk ix

Crystal Hearing can supply Signia SILK hearing aids via our clinic in Marlow – surrounding areas include High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Henley, Beaconsfield and Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

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