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Signia Silk

Single Sided Deafness – NEW ‘CROS’ AIDS – £100 discount

New CROS hearing aids for those who are deaf in one ear only

There are two exciting new options for those with single sided deafness

  1. Signia SILK – the first IIC sized in-ear hearing aids offering wireless inter-ear audio transmission
  2. Phonak Audeo CROS B-R – the first rechargeable receiver-in-canal hearing aids

Phonak are without doubt he leaders in CROS technology, but the SILK makes better use of the natural shape of the ear in funneling important sound cues into the ear.

Please click the images for information and prices.

Remember 60-day money-back-guarantee on all products

£100 discount for anyone buying with reference to this post

(it pays to stay tuned!)


phonak cros rechargeable hearing aids

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