Deaf in One Ear ?

There are three main difficulties for those people who suffer complete deafness in one ear:

  1. Loss of localising sound direction – using just the one ear makes it very difficult to know where sounds have come from.
  2. Understanding speech in noise – the brain has an amazing ability to suppress out unwanted sounds, but it can only do this when listening in stereo.
  3. The head shadow effect – low frequency sounds are longer in wavelength and can travel around the head, but high frequency sounds are shorter in wavelength and are shielded by the head. And because high frequency components of speech dictate clarity this makes it difficult for people to follow conversations from their dead side without turning their head all the time.

CROS hearing aids & BiCROS hearing aids

CROS stands for ‘Contra-lateral Routing of Signal‘.

CROS hearing aids are used by those who have 1 dead ear + 1 good ear.

BiCROS hearing aids are used by those who have 1 dead ear + 1 ear with aidable hearing loss.

Both sytems work by picking up the clear speech signal from the dead side and transmitting it to the better ear – using wireless digital technology.


Please watch this excellent video by Phonak:

Signia SILK CROS – In-Ear

Signia have introduced  CROS hearing aid technology in their SIGNIA SILK miniature in-ear modular hearing aids, using high speed inter ear wireless hearing aid transmission technology.



signia silk domes


In our opinion Phonak offer the best technology and style options for CROS and BiCROS hearing aids, but the Signia SILK is a great option for discreet in-ear solutions.

Please click the following links for more information by two leading suppliers of wireless CROS & BiCROS hearing aids:

Other manufacturers do offer CROS hearing aids but we tend to favour the above



Dear John, Just to let you know that I have already received my hearing aids back from Phonak repair. A very good service. This CROS system that you recommended has been a great success and the service received from both Phonak and yourself has been extremely professional. Thank you. Peter Bywater.

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