Single-Sided Deafness

Are you deaf in One Ear ?

Single-sided deafness is defined as un-aidable hearing in one ear, and normal hearing OR an aidable hearing loss in the other ear.

There are three main difficulties for those people who suffer complete deafness in one ear:

  1. Loss of localising sound direction – using just the one ear makes it very difficult to know where sounds have come from.
  2. Understanding speech in noise – the brain has an amazing ability to suppress out unwanted sounds, but it can only do this when listening in stereo.
  3. The head shadow effect – low frequency sounds are longer in wavelength and can travel around the head, but high frequency sounds are shorter in wavelength and are shielded by the head. And because high frequency components of speech dictate clarity this makes it difficult for people to follow conversations from their dead side without turning their head all the time.


CROS stands for ‘Contra-lateral Routing of Signal‘.


CROS hearing aids are used by those who have 1 dead ear + 1 ear with NO hearing loss.

Bi-CROS hearing aid solutions are  for those who have 1 dead ear + 1 ear WITH hearing loss.



Latest CROS Hearing Aids

There are several leading brands offering good CROS solutions

Several companies now offer both behind-ear (RIC) and custom in-ear (ITC) products.

Rechargeable CROS solutions are also now available.

A few manufacturers are producing CROS hearing aids which can be controlled via smart phones.

Signia also offer the SILK CROS which is a very discreet invisible-in-canal CROS hearing aid solution – scroll down for information.

Find out more – CLICK THE LINKS

Oticon are due to launch a CROS solution. Resound & Bernafon and do not offer CROS hearing aids.

Please watch this excellent video by Phonak

(Note: CROS II has been superseded)

What is the best set-up?

The best current set up is the Starkey LIVIO CROS / BiCROS, or the Signia Nx CROS / BiCROS

Both come as rechargeable option (meaning you can always be assured your batteries will last the day) and both are MFi compatible (uses ‘made for iPhone’ technology – for remote control and direct streaming).

With the Starkey the dual microphones in the CROS and the hearing aid can bet set to front directionality for an extra boost for front facing speech – this may give them the edge over the Signia CROS.

Using the app in both the above gives greater control over the volume of the hearing aid and the CROS aid.


We offer a 60 day money back guarantee on these

Signia SILK CROS – In-Ear

Signia have introduced  CROS hearing aid technology in their SIGNIA SILK miniature in-ear modular hearing aids, using high speed inter ear wireless hearing aid transmission technology.


signia silk domes
Rechargeable CROS Hearing Aids


Dear John, Just to let you know that I have already received my hearing aids back from Phonak repair. A very good service. This CROS system that you recommended has been a great success and the service received from both Phonak and yourself has been extremely professional. Thank you. Peter Bywater.

Hi John, 
    Just to let you know I am really pleased with the volume remote, it is excellent. I am also amazed that with my good ear having the volume to max or just under I can hear  quite well through my deaf ear without the Cros. As stated before this is  just incredible and do not understand why my deaf ear can hear at all, let alone well. The Cros makes the hearing really good so I will still need to wear this as well, especially in group situations. 
   So all I can say is a big thank you and hope everything continues as of now.   Obviously I will need to see you again from time to time so do I just wait until I need my ears cleared of wax again, or what ? I am so pleased I came to you and thank you for your patience. Your web attachment will mean I can purchase everything I need in the meantime. 
John B
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