Special Offer – £200 off the new Phonak Titanium Hearing Aids

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Crystal Hearing is offering £200 off the exciting new Phonak Virto-B Titanium to anyone who receives this blog and travels to our Marlow clinic (offer open until end of June 2017).

Phonak Titanium is the world’s smallest hearing aid – ever!

The latest development in custom in-ear digital hearing aid technology – hearing aids that are 3D printed using titanium casings for extra durability and reduced shell thickness – combined with new micro components the new Phonak Titanium is the smallest hearing aid we have ever seen.

What makes this new hearing aid more exciting is that Phonak can supply it at 3 different power levels – meaning we can even fit these to moderate / severe hearing losses.

Phonak Titanium Power Levels


Please click here to read more about the new Phonak Titanium


We offer:

  • Free intitial hearing test
  • Lowest prices on Phonak Titanium
  • 5 Year warranty
  • 60-day money back guarantee


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