Special Offer – Oticon OPN1 – genuinely save £1000 compared to internet competitors



Dear Crystal Hearing Client

I am pleased to offer a pre-Christmas special upgrade offer to existing customers of Crystal Hearing

The most powerful new hearing aids on the market – Oticon OPN1 (made for iPhone)  oticon-opn

Driven by the fastest and most powerful microchip in any hearing aid now capable of over 1 billion calculations per second; meaning the hearing aid can process noisy environments with more accuracy than any other hearing aid.

Made for iPhone allows you to stream calls, apps and music, and take control of the hearing aids as a remote control. The OPN1 also links to android phones but only as a remote control (not for streaming).

Binaural Oticon OPN 1 hearing aids for £2490 with 5 year warranty

(The best internet price I can find is £3190 with 2 year warranty – our 5 year warranty is worth £300, meaning this offer is valued at £3490 internet retail price).

YOU SAVE £1000

Oticon OPN1 is only available as receiver-in-canal (see images) at present, but in-ear models are being launched in February / March 2017. I will likely run a similar offer for in-ear models after that launch.

Conditions of offer:

  • All appointments are at Crystal Hearing (add £150 for home visits).
  • Aftercare is free for 6 months; thereafter £60 per visit (home visit costs on agreement).
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Payment is on fitting
  • 5 year warranty – email assistance for repairs to be fixed free
  • Offer expires on 25th December 2016


For full details of the new Oticon OPN1 click here

Or please call / email for information or to arrange a trial



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