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Starkey Evolv

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Starkey EVOLV Hearing Aids

Welcoming Artificial Intelligence into Hearing Aids

Made for Android – Made for iPhoneRechargeableDirect TV streaming

A new concept in hearing aid technology giving amazing hearing results – plus with built-in sensors for new unique advanced features only in Starkey hearing aids utilising their excellent THRIVE phone app.

For the more energetic wearer – WELLNESS TRACKING & TELE-HEALTH – allows you to monitor and track your health and your daily exercise.

The Starkey Evolv probably has more features than any other hearing aid we have written up!

Stareky Evolv Ai Wireless CIC
Starkey Evolv+

Starkey Evolv is spread over 5 technology levels

The premium top specification aid is Starkey Evolv 2400

Below this sit – Evolv 2000, 1600, 1200, & 1000 (1000 being lowest spec).

The features within each level will vary quite significantly.

Features can now be divided into what is contained within the hearing aid – i.e. directional microphone and noise cancellation technology – which will be more advanced in the higher specification levels; and features that are available as part of the THRIVE phone app.

Now available the world’s first true wireless CIC hearing aid! – connect direct to your mobile phone, and stream your TV.

Starket Evolv is now available in 11 styles options:

  1. IIC NW – invisible in canal non-wireless.
  2. CIC – Now new wireless CIC, and smaller non-wireless – push button control option.
  3. ITC / Half Shell – includes dual microphone technology and is rechargeable.
  4. ITE Full shell – same as half shell but bigger for easier handling.
  5. Micro RIC – 312 – The smallest receiver-in-canal (RIC) version. Wireless compatible and fully featured – has a single push button on the hearing aid. Uses a size 312 (brown tab) battery.
  6. RIC – 312 – As above but has a rocker switch on the aid for dual action control via the aid itself. Slightly bigger.
  7. RIC – R – As above but rechargeable – slightly bigger. See section below.
  8. BTE R – Standard BTE style with standard tubing and earmould connection – rechargeable and wireless – with single push button control (volume control is right up / left down).
  9. BTE – 13 – As above but uses size 13  (orange tab) battery. Fully featured.
  10. BTE 13 Power Plus – as above but more power.
Starkey Evolv
Starkey Evolv Colours
Starkey Evolv+

Behind ear colour options

Starkey Evolv IIC Colours
IIC Colours

Starkey Evolv Features

Features can be divided into those purely within the hearing aid, and those accessed via connection to the THRIVE phone app (see Phone Apps section below).

Evolv is available at 5 technology levels and some features will vary depending on the specification level.

Some standout hearing aid features:

  • 7 environment automatic programme
  • Dual wireless technology – 2.4gHz for accessories, and Near-Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) for data transfer between hearing aids
  • Automatic spatial speech enhancement using NFMI (not available in micro-RIC)
  • Best in class feedback management
  • Auto car mode – automatically changes programme when it senses you are in a car
  • Direct audio streaming – phones, tvs etc
  • Rechargeable – lithium-ion
  • Voice commands – tap your hearing aids and ask a question or control the settings
  • Telecoil loop (BTE, Full Shell Custom, and RIC rechargeable).

Check out the Starkey Evolv webpage

starkey thrive app+

Download THRIVE

google-play-badge_en_300px-300x89 Apple-App-Store-Badge_en_300px-300x89

Try it in demo mode!

Starkey Thrive App

The main app is Starkey THRIVE – this is where Starkey Evolv comes alive!

The THRIVE app let’s you play with advanced settings quite easily to set your hearing aids how you like them and then save those settings, or geotag them to a location.

The THRIVE app allows you to monitor all aspects of your health and daily activity – so not just a hearing aid but a healthable aid!!

Starkey LIVIO AI are great hearing aids in their own right – you do not need the complications of a phone app to benefit from these hearing aids – but the app opens up a huge opportunity to get more from your hearing aids – some fancy, some for better hearing, some for better health care.

A fully loaded app featuring:

  • Mobile audio streaming – calls, audiobooks, apps, music
  • Remote control – programmes, volume, noise and spatial control, and more – watch this quick video on Starkey Soundpsace
  • Customise your own programmes – noise, wind, machine noise etc and save them
  • Virtual Assistant – Alexa in your hearing aids – double tap the hearing aid and ask it what you want to know – answers heard direct in your ears or visually via the app (video)
  • Wellness tracking – health and activity analysis / display  (video)
  • Fall detection – notifies pre-set family members if you fall (video)
  • Remote programming support  – see section below (video)
  • Live call-to-text feature – read your calls as you hear them  (video)
  • Live language translator – up to 27 languages can converted to text (video)
  • Self-Check – run simple diagnostics on your hearing aids to check performance hasn’t deteriorated (video)
  • ‘Find my hearing aids’ – locate lost hearing aids!
  • Set reminders – set a reminder which can pop up on the phone & send an audio to the hearing aids if selected (video)
  • Auto on / off – no need to open the batteries anymore – put the hearing aids down and they will switch to sleep mode (video)
  • Double Tap sensor controls – tap your hearing aids to make changes (video)

Thrive App Overview

‘How to’ videos

Also, Starkey Tinnitus app and Starkey Thrive Care app

Mobile phone compatibility checker

Android and iphone hearing aids+

iPhone & Android

Starkey Evolv allows  direct binaural audio streaming from Android and iPhone mobile phones.

Now also offering handsfree calling on latet iPhone devices – the microphones on yoru hearing aids pick up your voice – no need to hold the phone.


Anyone with a different phone can still take full advantage by connecting to the Starkey Thrive APP using a Remote Microphone+.

To understand more:

Hands-free calling – Answer your phone by pressing the push button on the hearing aids, as shown in the image, and letting the hearing aids pick up your voice.  No need to hold the phone or answer using the phone.

Oticon Handsfree Calling

Starkey Evolv custom rechargeable hearing aids

Custom-In-Ear – Lithium-Ion Rechargeable

The world’s first ever lithium-ion custom in ear hearing aids.

Lithium-ion batteries offer quick charging and reliable performance over time.

Available across all Evolv levels – Livio 2400, 2000, 1600, 1200, & 1000.

Incorporating the best in made-for-iPhone, made-for-android and rechargeable hearing aid technology.

Click the image for more information / images

Compare all rechargeable hearing aids here

Rechargeable Custom In-Ear

Please watch the video

Starkey Evolve rechargeable hearing aids

Lithium-Ion Rechargeable

Lithium-ion batteries offer quick charging and reliable performance over time.

Incorporating the best in made-for-iPhone, made-for-android and rechargeable hearing aid technology.

Available across all Evolv levels – Livio AI 2400, 2000, 1600, 1200, & 1000.

Available in receiver-in-canal style and standard BTE with full earmould fitting.

The charger is mains operated but it also holds 3 days worth of extra charge itself for portable (cable free) charging – great for weekends away.

There is a place in the charger to insert a drying crystal capsule to dry out moisture in the hearing aids. This helps to reduce moisture damage and performance deterioration.

TURBO CHARGER – The small mini-turbo-charger can be bought as an extra  – it holds enough charger to charger batteries for 4 full charges on the go and is more practical to carry around.

It is great for those who maybe stream audio a lot and drain their batteries a bit quicker, or those who travel a lot. Full day use in 3 hours charge, or 3 1/2 hours use in just 7 minutes of charging.

Buy mini turbo charger here

Compare all rechargeable hearing aids here

Starkey Livio AI Accessories

Amplify the benefit of your Starkey Evolv hearing aids further with the following:

TV Streamer – high fidelity audio streamed from your TV direct into your hearing aids for improved clarity and easier listening.

Remote Microphone+  – Multi purpose audio streamer and voice streamer. For connecting to audio devices or can be worn by a person to transmit their voice or put on a meeting table. Includes telecoil and also Alexa connectivity!

Mini Remote Microphone – A simple clip-on voice streamer to stream a persons voice into your hearing aids to boost the clarity what they say.

Remote – An easy to use yet versatile fully functioning remote control for those who do not have a mobile phone that can use the Starkey Thrive App.

Table Microphone – Livio AI hearing aid wearers can better enjoy group settings like family gatherings or noisy restaurants. Eight built-in microphones detect the primary speaker’s voice and stream it directly to their hearing aids. Can also be used as a media streamer and a body worn voice streamer.

Note: Starkey Surflink accessories are for older Starkey hearing aids

Starkey Evolv Accessories
Starkey Remote Care Anywhere

‘Hearing Care Anywhere’!

Starkey now offer remote programming assistance via the Starkey THRIVE App (see above)

This allows us to fine tune your hearing aids whilst you stay at home. This can be a key part of the initial set-up by allowing us to make small tweaks here and there until we get to the best set up for you, without you having to make repeated trips in to see us.

Remote care must be initialised during first fit and then remote care is asynchronous (meaning we send the changes to you via the app for you to upload in your own time; it is not done via live video call).

Surface Nanoshield by Starkey

Surface Nanoshield is coated on components, cases and wax guards for maximum protection – IP68 rated.

This gives patients next generation moisture and wax repellent performance to ensure reliability and durability.

Free Trial Available

Crystal Hearing can supply Starkey Evolv hearing aids via our clinic in Marlow – surrounding areas include High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Henley, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. We also have affiliates around the UK – please call us.

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