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Starkey Evolv


Starkey were founded in 1967 by William Austin and have become a world leading supplier of hearing aids, and is now the largest supplier of hearing aids in the US market. Starkey have a UK base near Manchester, where all there custom products are made and serviced.

Starkey Hearing Aids – the current portfolio

Starkey have been the first company to release rechargeable (lithium-ion) custom in-ear hearing aids as of May 2020.

The (UK) Starkey hearing aid portfolio was revamped in 2022 and has one complete portfolio under one tag name – ‘Starkey Evolv‘ – a power house hearing aid benefiting from almost 1 million automatic adjustments every minute.

Starley Evolv is available in all styles at 5 technology levels.

Starkey Livio is now superseded by Evolv.

The latest premium Starkey hearing aids are:

Style of hearing aid >>> BTE Receiver-in-Canal Custom In-Ear / Invisible In-Ear / Wireless CIC Rechargeable – In-Ear & RIC
Premium Evolv 2400 Evolv 2400 Evolv 2400 Evolv 2400
Advanced Evolv 2000 Evolv 2000 Evolv 2000 Evolv 2000
Select Evolv 1600 Evolv 1600 Evolv 1600 Evolv 1600
Basic Evolv 1200 Evolv 1200 Evolv 1200 Evolv 1200
Economy Evolv 1000 Evolv 1000 Evolv 1000 Evolv 1000
Also: CROS and BiCROS hearing aids – for single sided deafness

android v apple hearing aids

Made for iPhone / Android

Starkey hearing aids can stream direct audio from iPhones / iPads and the latest Android mobile devices.

Full audio streaming, advanced remote control functions, and more.

Read more here:

Starkey Rechargeable Custom ITE+

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

In-Ear & Behind Ear

Starkey have led the way in 2020 with the first ever lithium-ion rechargeable custom made in-ear hearing aids (ITC and ITE only).  Also available as a rechargeable receiver-in-canal model.

Rechargeable hearing aids (in-ear and RIC) are available at all Evolv levels – 2400, 2000, 1600, 1200, 1000.

Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aids (RIC’s)

Starkey Evolv 

Incorporating the best in made-for-iPhone, made-for-android and rechargeable hearing aid technology.

Starkey’s leading top spec ‘RIC’ hearing aid is Evolv 2400.

Sat below this is Evolv at 4 technology levels – 2000, 1600, 1200, and 1000.

EVOLV hearing aids are available in 3 RIC styles – micro RIC, standard RIC-312, and rechargeable RIC-R.

Starkey Evolv Colours+

Custom-In-Ear Hearing Aids

Starkey Evolv custom rechargeable & Wireless CIC hearing aids

Evolv is the latest premium custom-in-ear hearing aids by Starkey – available as rechargeable option too

Incorporating the best in made-for-iPhone, made-for-android and rechargeable hearing aid technology.

Invisible-In-Canal (IIC) Hearing Aids

Evolv IIC

Starkey launched the first ever invisible-in-canal hearing aid, and their current IIC hearing aids are up there with the best and the smallest in the industry.

Available at 5 technology levels (2400, 2000, 1600, 1200 and 1000) and in 5 faceplate colours.

Currently offering the smallest 2.4gHz wireless IIC / CIC hearing aids – direct mobile phone communication and Thrive App control.

Starkey Evolve+

BTE Behind-Ear Hearing Aids

Starkey Evolv BTE

Starkey’s leading top spec ‘BTE’ hearing aid is Evolv 2400.

Sat below this is Evolv at 4 technology levels – 2000, 1600, 1200, and 1000.

Available in 3 styles – battery (size 13), rechargeable, and power plus model.

Incorporating the best in made-for-iPhone, made-for-android and rechargeable hearing aid technology.

CROS Hearing Aids

For single sided deafness – Starkey EVOLV CROS

Rechargeable & Made-for-iPhone & Made for Android

It is our consideration that the Starkey EVOLV CROS currently offers one of the most complete CROS / BiCROS hearing aid solutions.

Using the Starkey Thrive app you get the best / easiest control for focusing which side you want to hear from the most – on top of direct audio / call streaming and rechargeable technology.

Available in the RIC-R , RIC-312 and BTE models (not micro-RIC)

Starkey- Hearing Aid Accessories:

Remote Controls and ‘Surflink’ Wireless Connectivity

Read the Brochure

Accessory User Guides

Starkey Hearing Aid Accessories 

Starkey Evolv Accessories

Smartphone Apps

google-play-badge_en_300px-300x89 Apple-App-Store-Badge_en_300px-300x89

Starkey Thrive App+

The main app is Starkey THRIVE – this is where Starkey Livio AI comes alive!

Not just a Hearing Aid but a Healthable!

Starkey LIVIO AI are great hearing aids in their own right – you do not need the complications of a phone app to benefit from these hearing aids – but the app opens up a huge opportunity to get more from your hearing aids – some fancy, some for better hearing, some for better health care.

A fully loaded app featuring:

  • Mobile audio streaming – calls, audiobooks, apps, music
  • Remote control – programmes, volume, noise and spatial control, and more – watch this quick video on Starkey Soundpsace
  • Wellness tracking – health and activity analysis / display
  • Fall detection – notifies pre-set family members if you fall
  • Remote programming support  -see section below
  • Live call-to-text feature – read your calls as you hear them
  • Live language translator – up to 27 languages can converted to text
  • Thrive Virtual Assistant – information tool just like Alexa. Reacts to your voice of in-app initiation
  • Self-Check – run diagnostics on your hearing aids to check performance
  • ‘Find my hearing aids’ – locate lost hearing aids!
  • Set reminders – set a reminder which can pop up on the phone & send an audio to the hearing aids if selected

Thrive App Overview

User Guide

‘How to’ videos

Also, Starkey Tinnitus app and Starkey Thrive Care app

Mobile phone compatibility checker


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Crystal Hearing can supply all Starkey hearing aids via our clinic in Marlow – surrounding areas include High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Henley, Beaconsfield and other areas in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. We have UK wide affiliates who can supply these hearing aids – please call us.

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