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Telecoil Induction Loop Technology In Hearing Aids

Telecoils in hearing aids – are we saying goodbye to good technology?

A very beneficial hearing technology

Hearing aids of late are focusing heavily on ‘wireless technology’ – by that we mean streaming mobile phones, televisions, and voice streamers – using Bluetooth technology and other short distance communication wireless technologies (2.4gHz etc).  And in order to incorporate this technology (mainly the wireless receiver component), and to keep hearing aids attractively small, some other technology is may be sacrificed – and that could mean the ‘telecoil loop’ feature.

Telecoils are greatly underused, possibly under-rated, features in hearing aids – in part because people do not know when to use them, what they are, and how they work.

In short Telecoil loops are an older version of wireless technology, and whilst more restricted in where they are used, they are VERY good at improving hearing – especially when source of speech is over a distance (church, theatre, lecture room).

Telecoils in hearing aids CAN help you hear MUCH better in certain environments – they are a tool in the full armory of a modern digital hearing aid; and to hear in the most demanding of environments hearing aid wearers should seriously consider them. We appreciate that for some hearing aid wearers cosmetics is very important, so weighing up the benefits should be done carefully and with good advice from an experienced Audiologist – preferably one who knows about many of the leading hearing aid brands.


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