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Terms of sale for Hearing Aids and Hearing Aid Accessories

These terms and conditions are for Crystal Hearing Limited only.

If you are passed onto an affiliate company for them to supply hearing aids or accessories to you then please check their terms of sale, as they will vary.

Please read our Privacy Policy in regards to the processing of your details.

Our intention is to give honest, professional advice, and to work wholly ethically.

60 day money back guarantee

Hearing aids & accessories are supplied with a 60-day money back guarantee or exchange option, provided that the hearing aids and any accessories are returned to us (in person or by insured post) in their original, undamaged condition (including packaging) – within 60 days from the date of first supply unless an extension has been agreed.

£75 will be retained for our fitting service for hearing aids.

Custom ear-moulds are non-refundable and are usually within £50-100 a pair.

Refunds will be processed promptly upon safe return of all goods.


Ongoing aftercare is included unless otherwise stated on the purchase form.

Ear wax removal is included as a courtersy of ngoing aftercare so that we can check your hearing aids.

Manufacturers warranty

All hearing aids and accessories are supplied with a UK manufacturer’s warranty for repair of mechanical or physical fault, generally commencing from the date of order. This warranty allows for fault to be repaired or parts to be replaced free of charge within this period by the manufacturer only. Earmoulds are not covered by this warranty. Custom earmoulds for receiver in canal (RIC) hearing aids are normally limited to 2-year warranty regardless of warranty extensions.

If your hearing aids come with a 5-year warranty please note this is not extended to charger units or accessories. Accessory warranty is either 1 or 2 years varying between manufacturers. Details here:

International warranty varies between manufacturers. Please check this if moving or living abroad.

Liability for damage arising from accidental damage, misuse, water damage, or attempted repair by persons other than those authorised by us or the manufacturer, are all specifically excluded from the warranty. Please contact Crystal Hearing in the first instance of any damage.

Warranty includes rechargeable batteries.

Clients shall pay for insured post costs incurred by us to cover against loss of their hearing aids in the event of them having no insurance cover.

Loss & Damage of Aids

Replacement for loss is the clients responsibility, including for loss in transit for repairs needs once your money back period is complete. Please insure your hearing aids against loss or accidental damage.

We advise using your home contents insurance – or alternatively there is a company that specialises in insuring hearing aids (but it may cost more).  AssetSure Insurance – for a free quote click here – please quote introducer number 100030)

Clients shall pay for insured post costs incurred by us to cover against loss of their hearing aids in the event of them having no insurance cover.

Regulating Body

Hearing aid dispensers must be registered with the Health & Care Professions Council. For more information please visit

Registered Hearing Aid Dispensers can use the post nominal letters RHAD.


The above clauses do not affect your statutory rights

Privacy consent – Certain data of yours may be transferred to hearing aid manufacturers in order for them to deliver, service and repair your hearing aid. The information that they typically receive is your audiogram (hearing profile), hearing aid fitting and usage data. If they are provided with contact information from Crystal Hearing Ltd, such as name, address, phone number or e-mail, they may use such information to communicate with you about delivery, questions, complaints, repair or service of your hearing aid. Recipients of transferred personal data are: (A) the manufacturer of the device supplied and / or other companies providing repair services, and they will only (i) get access on a need-to-know basis, and (ii) use the collected personal data to achieve the purpose it is collected for; and / or (B) governmental bodies if required by law or applicable regulation. As part of the processing personal data will be transferred outside of EU. In such case this will happen based on standard data protection clauses adopted by the EU Commission, cf. article 46(2)(c) of GDPR. Crystal Hearing will only otherwise use your data to ensure your aftercare is maintained, for the purpose of occasional news updates (of which you can freely unsubscribe), or for review requests.

Our more detailed privacy policy is here

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