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Starkey Livio AI Hearing Aids

The most featured hearing aid ever just arrived! – Starkey Livio AI

Introducing Artificial Intelligence in Hearing Aids

Starkey Livio AI Hearing aidsStarkey Livio AI micro RIC 312

The first thing we need in a hearing aid is great quality sound.

The second is advanced technology for speech in noise to combat cochlear (inner ear) damage.

How about direct audio streaming from mobile phones and TV’s?

Add in the option or rechargeable.

What is left you think?

Well a whole lot it seems by Starkey – I have just written up the most featured hearing aid ever.

The above features are now in every leading brand. But Starkey have in-built sensors to take hearing aids to a whole new level.

Let’s take a ‘peak’ at what Starkey Livio AI has to offer:

  • Mobile audio streaming – calls, audiobooks, apps, music
  • Remote control – programmes, volume, noise and spatial control, and more – watch this quick video on Starkey Soundpsace
  • Customise your own programmes – noise, wind, machine noise etc and save them
  • Virtual Assistant – Alexa in your hearing aids – double tap the hearing aid and ask it what you want to know – answers heard direct in your ears.
  • Wellness tracking – health and activity analysis / display
  • Fall detection – notifies pre-set family members if you fall
  • Remote programming support
  • Live call-to-text feature – read your calls as you hear them
  • Live language translator – up to 27 languages can converted to text
  • Self-Check – run simple diagnostics on your hearing aids to check performance hasn’t deteriorated
  • ‘Find my hearing aids’ – locate lost hearing aids!
  • Set reminders – set a reminder which can pop up on the phone & send an audio to the hearing aids if selected
  • Auto on / off – no need to open the batteries anymore – put the hearing aids down and they will switch to sleep mode.

The THRIVE app let’s you play with advanced settings quite easily to customise your hearing aid settings and then save those settings, or geotag them to a automatically come on at a given location.

Starkey Livio AI Features

There is so much to this hearing aid this blog does not do it justice!

Click the image to find out more 

Starkey Livio AI Hearing Aids

Also coming soon…. rechargeable custom in-ear hearing aids by Starkey – Livio AI Edge

Starkey Livio Edge AI Rechargeable Hearing Aids


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