Tips to ensure you get the absolute best from your ZPower hearing aid batteries

zpower-logoZPower batteries are designed to operate at full performance for about 12 months.

To ensure this please pay attention to the following:

Fully charge the batteries daily

A fully depleted battery will take longer to charge. Once the hearing aids have reached full charge, the indicator lights turn from blinking green to solid green.

Do not try to extend battery life by charging every other day, as this actually increases the chances of depleting the battery. Unless not being used for extended time – see below.

If you forget to charge your hearing aids

Just use normal hearing aid batteries and charge your hearing aids next chance you get for a full days use.

Avoid rebooting the hearing aids after the low battery warning

Rebooting the hearing aid following the low battery warning can cause the battery to
over-discharge and limit battery life. By this we mean do not open and close the battery door to restart the hearing aid.

When hearing aids are not in use, keep them on the charging base and plugged in

Keeping the aids on the charger will ensure they remain fully charged and ready for use. You cannot over-charge the battery. Do not unplug the charging base with the hearing aids inserted, as this will cause the hearing aids to turn on, and the batteries to begin discharging.

Remove the ZPower batteries before using a drying kit

Circuitry in the battery door will continue to draw current even if the hearing aids are turned off. Electronic drying kits may also exceed the operating temperature range of ZPower batteries.

If the hearing aids are not being worn for over 2 weeks, remove the ZPower batteries

Leaving the batteries in an open door for days can lead to over-discharging the batteries. Always ensure when storing your ZPower batteries, that they are not in contact with each other or any other metal objects.

Silver-zinc rechargeable batteries are non-toxic, non-flammable and 100% recyclable

Please do recycle your batteries

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