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Unitron is a Canadian company with more than 40 years experience developing and manufacturing hearing aids.

Unitron are owned by Sonova Group, who also own the Phonak hearing aid brand.

They share UK headquarters in Warrington, Cheshire where all their custom in-ear products are made. Read more.

Unitron Hearing Aids – The current portfolio

The latest premium Unitron hearing aids are built on the powerful ‘Discover‘ and ‘Tempus‘ platforms.

The Discover models supersede some of the Tempus models – over the next year or so Discover will replace all Tempus products.

The Discover range is available at 4 technology levels / Tempus is available at 5 levels.

Unitron offer all standard hearing aid styles as scheduled below.

The very latest Unitron hearing aids are:

Styles > Custom in-ear & invisible Receiver-in-canal (MFA) / mini-RIC Rechargeable (MFA) (T = telecoil) Behind-Ear BTE Power BTE
Top range Insera T-Pro Discover Moxi Fit 9 / Tempus Moxi NOW Pro Discover Moxi Jump R / RT 9 Stride T-Pro Max T-Pro
Upper Mid Insera T-800 Discover Moxi Fit 7 / Tempus Moxi NOW 800 Discover Moxi Jump R / RT 7 Stride T-800 Max T-800
Mid level Insera T-700 Discover Moxi Fit 5 / Tempus Moxi NOW 700 Discover Moxi Jump R / RT 5 Stride T-700 Max T-700
Lower Mid Insera T-600 Discover Moxi Fit 3 / Tempus Moxi NOW 600 Discover Moxi Jump R / RT 3 Stride T-600 Max T-600
Entry Level Insera T-500 Tempus Moxi NOW 500 Stride T-500 Max T-500


* MFA = Made for All Phones (direct mobile phone streaming)

Styles Explained Here

Read the Unitron product brochure – click here

Made for iPhone & Android & Others

Unitron hearing aids can stream direct audio from almost ANY Bluetooth enabled mobile phone – Made-for-ALL!

Full audio streaming, advanced remote control functions, and more.

Read more here:

Rechargeable & Made for Android / iPhone (MFA)

MFA = direct Bluetooth streaming to ALL mobile phones – more info

Unitron’s latest all encompassing premium hearing aid is Unitron ‘DISCOVER’ – presently available in 3 styles:

  1. Unitron Discover Moxi Fit – their standard MFA hearing aid with size 312 battery
  2. Unitron Discover Moxi Jump R – as above but lithium-ion rechargeable – slightly larger
  3. Unitron Discover Moxi Jump R-T – as above, rechargeable but with telecoil feature (same size as R)

Smallest in the World!

Unitron Moxi NOW (Tempus)

Unitron Moxi NOW is the smallest behind ear (RIC) hearing aid on the market.

Available at 5 technology levels and in 12 colours.

Custom-In-Ear  & Invisible In Ear Hearing Aids

Unitron INSERA (Tempus)

State of the art custom made in-ear hearing aids – crafted using the latest 3D computer design and 3D laser printing technology.

Available in 6 in-ear sizes / styles –  from the smallest invisible IIC’s to large full-shell hearing aids

Available in 4 skin tone colour options (beige, tan, cocoa, and brown) – Note: 5 colours for IIC’s (+ black)

Behind-Ear Hearing Aids

Unitron STRIDE (Tempus)

Available in 3 styles offering varying battery life and power levels – Stride M, Stride P Dura and Stride P

Available over the full 5 technology levels as per the above chart

Can be supplied as slim-tube fitting, or with conventional earmould fitting.

Super Power BTE’s

Unitron T MAX (Tempus)

Available in 2 models for severe to profound hearing loss – as:

  1. SP – super power with size 13 battery
  2. UP – even more power with size 675 battery

Available over the full 5 ‘Tempus’ technology levels.

Supplied with a conventional earmould fitting.

Read the Unitron product brochure – click here

Unitron Hearing Aid Accessories

Remote controls and wireless connectivity.

unitron hearing aid accessories

Smartphone Apps

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Remote Plus App

This app is direct connection between Unitron Discover Moxi hearing aids (and for the older Unitron Moxi ALL Tempus hearing aids) and your mobile phone.

This app allows remote control functionality of your hearing aids.

Unitron Discover Moxi hearing aids can stream audio / phonecalls via Bluetooth from almost any Bluetooth enable phone.

More information


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uControl App

This app acts as a remote control for Unitron wireless compatible hearing aids – excluding Moxi ALL

This accessory must be used with either the Unitron uStream or uDirect wireless accessory – which you can buy here

More information


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Crystal Hearing can supply all Unitron hearing aids via our clinic in Marlow – catchment areas include High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough, Henley, Beaconsfield and Buckinghamshire / Berkshire. We also have a UK wide network of affiliates who can help – please call 07957 465 084.