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VAT and TAX Relief on Hearing Aids & Hearing Aid Accessories

Please read this page in full – you can make huge savings

Hearing Aids

BUSINESS EXPENSES – since 2010, the cost of any disability (hearing) aids that you need in order to do your work can be claimed as a business expense giving you TAX relief savings of 40% – 45%  (if you are a higher earning tax payer).

VAT – If you are VAT registered you can also claim back the VAT saving a further 10% (approximately) – hearing aids are partially exempt so the VAT is NOT 20%.

IMPORTANT NOTE – PLEASE ASK US FOR A VAT RECEIPT IF DOING THE ABOVE – as the standard receipt supplied with hearing aid purchases at Crystal Hearing is NOT a VAT receipt.

The VAT could be between 5 and 15% – VAT on hearing aids is complex and varies between companies

(Note: Tax regulations may change so this information should be verified by your accountant)

VAT Relief on Hearing Aid Accessories

Some hearing aid accessories can be supplied VAT free

  • Applicable for VAT deduction – wireless streamers; such as TV and phone streamers.
  • Not applicable for VAT deduction – non-wireless accessories; such as remote controls and battery charging units.



If the equipment is for the personal use only by the person using it and you can confirm this before supply, then we can zero rate the products supplied. (i.e. you cannot then put the purchase through as a business expense).

For eligibility you must declare:

  • As a hearing impaired person your disability has a long-term and substantial adverse effect upon ability to carry out everyday activities
  • The goods are for domestic or personal use – ‘domestic or personal’ use means that the supply must be made available specifically for the use of an eligible individual.

There is no requirement for you to be registered as disabled. You simply need to fill in the declaration form below to confirm that you suffer from hearing impairment and that the equipment you are purchasing is for personal use only.

The below declaration form must be emailed or posted to us BEFORE we can ship the relevant accessory.

Please note there are strict penalties by HMRC VAT for making false declarations!

If you are in any doubt as to whether you are eligible to receive goods or services zero-rated for VAT you should consult Notice 701/7 VAT reliefs for disabled people or contact the HMRC National Advice Service on 0845 302 0203 before completing the declaration.

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